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Metal Porch Railings
At Structural Beam, we can fabricate and install various types of custom metal railings for your porch or a metal deck, at a very reasonable price!
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Metal Porch Railings for Safety and Style in Chicago IL

Get metal porch railings for your porch in Chicago IL, great quality at a reasonable price, call 773-917-8998 today!

Enjoy Complete Metal Porch Railing Service, by Structural Beam!

Metal porch railings are there primarily for your safety, but they can serve a decorative purpose, too. Mild structural steel allows for the fabrication of various custom shapes that can add style to your front porch, be it a metal porch, or a masonry one. At Structural Beam, we can fabricate and install various types of custom metal railings for your porch or a metal deck, at a very reasonable price! Call 773-917-8998 today for a free consultation!

Steel, a great material for metal porch and deck railings

The choice of metal porch railings is between older wrought-iron styles, aluminum railings, and metal porch railings made of steel, mild carbon steel, and stainless polished steel.

The same refers to the metal deck railing and is fully applicable. Metal deck rails serve the same purpose and are identical in design options, and deck railing materials choices. The only difference is in the mounting styles, more on that later.

The benefits of steel

At Structural Beam, we work with steel, structural and stainless steel, materials we dim the best for structural and miscellaneous steel custom fabrications, that last longer and serve better:

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One-stop miscellaneous steel solutions company

Structural Beam is your local Chicago IL one-stop miscellaneous steel solutions provider, we fabricate and erect miscellaneous steel structures, and provide support in miscellaneous steel design, engineering, and estimation, along with metal raw materials supply for your project, at wholesale price!

We are a reputable and experienced company, with over 90% returning customers rate. Being a local Chicago IL company we are well aware of all the relevant local building codes, and follow them for your safety and your project’s legal compliance.

Metal porch railing styles and designs

At Structural Beam, our fabricators can keep up with your designer and custom-fabricate both intricate railing systems, and simple, but classy metal porch railing designs.

The choice of infills

  • Picket infills, safe and sturdy, great for children’s safety, are by far the most often ordered railing systems
  • Cable railing system, super-cool and sleek looking, have steel cable for the infill, match great with modern style homes
  • Railings with perforated steel panels for infills, great for privacy reasons

Mounting styles

Mounting railings on bricks or concrete

To install custom metal porch railing on your existing porch, Structural Beam’s miscellaneous steel installation team will offer the following mounting styles:

  • Base plate style mounting, anchoring done with the bolts
  • Core-drilled mounting, the poles are then inserted and fixed with concrete
  • Side mounting, saves some space, that otherwise would be used up by a railing system

Mounting railings on the existing metal porch

If metal porch railings are to be mounted on the existing steel porch, welding and bolting mounting styles can be used. Our specialists will have to examine the existing porch and come up with the best solutions you can choose from.

Miscellaneous steel products
We manufacture miscellaneous steel products for all types of construction. Here are some of them:
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Choose a steel staircase for your home or building to add modern style. Our expert staircase manufacturer will ensure the greatest product!
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Steel Handrails
Steel handrails bring in an aesthetic look to your home and commercial complex.
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Fabricators and installers of steel porches. You can't go wrong when you hire the right porch contractors.
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We offer the following services
On-site job measuring and manufacture!
Supply & fabrication of structural steelwork
Custom metal fabrication
Full site installation with qualified tradespeople
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does steel railing cost?

The cost of steel railing depends on many factors and is best determined by steel estimators, who’ll factor in the cost of raw components, the cost of fabrication, and the cost of the installation. Structural Beam’s experienced estimators will get back to you with a price estimate, upload the blueprints of your metal railing into the form on our site.

How do you install a metal porch railing?

Metal porch railing installation style will depend on the way your front porch is constructed. There is a choice of mounting at our miscellaneous steel erection team’s disposal: side mounting, core-drilling mounting, base plate mounting, bolting, welding, etc. The main objective is to make sure, that the metal porch railing is secured in its place, structurally sound, and safe to use.

Should I put railing on my porch?

For all things construction, it’s better to be safe, than sorry, and check the relevant codes and regulations for your project to be compliant, and your porch safe to use. As a rule of thumb, you are required to put a railing on your front porch, if the floor of your porch is 30 inches or more above the ground. Yet, 30 inches is high enough to get injured. Safety must come first, don’t compromise on it!

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