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    Use Structural Beam GC capabilities for erection, renovation, and remodeling of steel and masonry projects! Call 773-917-8998 for a free consultation!

    See Our Completed Masonry and Structural Steel Projects in Chicago IL

    Structural Beam is offering you a range of services fit for a general contractor. From commercial buildings erection and remodeling to private home repair and structural members repair/installation, we provide a great comprehensive construction services package, check out our latest projects portfolio and see how you and your upcoming construction project can be benefited by using Structural Beam’s services!

    Wide range, consistent quality

    Commercial property erection project with concrete masonry

    One of Structural Beam’s projects, recently completed, involved concrete block masonry along with structural steel frame erection. From the engineer’s drawings, through structural steel detailing and estimation, in cooperation with our structural steel fabricators, exacting shop drawings were produced.

    Structural Beam’s metal fabrication team did a great job at our metal fabrication workshop. Next were our experienced and knowledgeable structural steel erectors, erecting the steel frame and passing the torch to the concrete masons. Concrete masonry walls were built with concrete masonry units.

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    The Results of Our Steelwork in the construction sector:
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    Heritage Building Rebuilding

    Rebuilding and repurposing heritage brick masonry buildings is not a shabby task by any means, but Structural Beam’s team completed the project and successfully installed structural steel beams, did brick masonry restoration, and some concrete masonry work, giving a new life to a heritage building.

    Customers with home and commercial property repair, renovation, and remodeling/rebuilding projects get a lot of benefits from Structural Beam’s general contractor capabilities.

    Brick and concrete masonry service, combined with structural steel installation and replacement projects are greatly helped by our expertise in the repair, rebuilding, and renovation. It allows our customers to save time and money by going with our comprehensive service.

    Private house structural steel members replacement and renovation

    When structural steel lintels start to become compromised, it’s time to replace them with new ones. This kind of job has to be done on a tight schedule for minimal disruption of the inhabitants’ lives and has to be particularly well-coordinated, with fast and seamless steel members installation and subsequent brick wall restoration.

    It’s a generic casual example, but recently we had to remove and replace large structural steel girders that became compromised with time. We finished quite a few jobs like that recently, and have a good engineering department to deal with the task at hand, in full legal and regulatory compliance. In the end, you’ll get a carefully restored building, ready to serve you long and well.

    Trust and Responsibility
    Trust and Responsibility The trust of our clients is priceless. Therefore, we pull together to meet the demands of our clients and ensure they get the most out of our cooperation. We uphold trust principles and know that only a precise and straightforward approach may help to win the hearts of people.
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    Miscellaneous steel erection projects

    Fabrication and erection of miscellaneous metal structures, like steel balconies, metal fire escape staircases, metal porches, etc., is another specialty of Structural Beam, that requires close cooperation of all departments. The “All in same hands” approach is a great asset here, we take full responsibility for the completion of the project, and our designers, estimators, fabricators, and erectors, again and again, do a stellar job in erecting and installing high-quality miscellaneous steel structures.

    Take a look at recent completed miscellaneous steel projects in our portfolio, and get more information and details on the miscellaneous steel projects by Structural Beam.

    Go with the best, go with Structural Beam!

    Structural Beam is a reputable Chicago IL one-stop structural steel solutions company with concrete and brick masonry capabilities and a lot of experience in commercial buildings erection, commercial and private houses repair, restoration, remodeling, and rebuilding. You can trust us, as over 90% of returning customers do, with your home’s repair or your commercial property construction project.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is concrete compatible with steel?

    Concrete and steel are compatible and work together very well, think concrete masonry structures and concrete masonry structural walls of reinforced concrete. Great compatibility of concrete and steel comes from their similar coefficients of thermal expansion, and the ability to form a suitable bond between concrete and rebar rods.

    How does concrete and steel work together?

    Steel provides reinforcement in the reinforced masonry walls, a combination of steel and concrete results in a stronger construction because steel and concrete work together in resisting force, e.g. tensile, shearing forces, and compressive stresses.