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Professional steel home builders, ready to take on any metal building project, call Structural Beam today at  +1 773-917-8998 for a free consultation!

Professional Steel Home Builders And Erectors In Chicago, Il.

Be it a new steel home building erection, or building an addition, a garage, or a barn, Structural Beam is up for it! We are a reputable and experienced one-stop structural steel solutions company with many successfully completed projects under our belt. Call  +1 773-917-8998 today and tell us about your project!

Metal building homes, a popular solution

Steel building kits for steel homes are produced by metal building manufacturers and are as popular today as ever, and there are good reasons for that :

Steel building homes, savings from the start

  • Square foot price, the cost efficiency of steel buildings and metal homes is hard to beat, and  you can either allow a larger dwelling for the same price tag or really save on that metal building home construction
  • Save on engineering and architect’s services, because most metal building manufacturers offer to do it for you unless you’d really like to go for it with an architect and engineer to create your own custom metal home
  • The faster and cheaper construction process. The construction process has started offsite, on the metal building factory floor, so the on-site construction process can be very swift.  All building components are manufactured to the exact dimensions, allowing for fast and seamless assembly, either by you or by your GC
  • Steel building kits allow the steel building construction to begin immediately after the metal home kit arrives at the building site, provided the foundation is ready
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Steel buildings, save Nature!
  • Steel is Green- over 90 percent of structural steel metal home kits are made of recycled steel and can be recycled again and again
  • Virtually no waste of materials of any sort, building package includes all the necessary building materials in exact quantities, along with building plans

No wonder metal building homes are that popular, and with prices of lumber going up worldwide, the popularity of metal houses will only be increasing. The same goes for metal garages and barns, you’ll get much more bang for your buck if you go metal.


Metal homes are often DIY constructions, they even come with assembly instructions, that are relatively easy to follow, and for smaller metal building constructions, like a cabin, addition to an existing house, or a garage, it makes sense to really DIY, if you have time and a bunch of friends ready to help.

Erecting large metal building home structures by yourself can prove tricky, and possible mistakes can’t be corrected that easily after the job is done. Structural Beam, your local, Chicago, Il steel home building company, is there to help. Our team of professional metal home erectors can do it for you if you decide to LGCDI — Let the General Contractor Do It.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a steel frame house cheaper to build?

Steel frame house construction is the cheapest option there is, by far. At the same time, by choosing to build from steel, you are not compromising anything, but only gaining more freedom to plan your living spaces as you please, and have a virtually zero-maintenance cost house for decades to come. Building from steel is a smart, and eco-friendly choice.

How much does it cost to build a steel building home?

The price of your steel building home construction project depends on your choices: the type of metal home building you choose, the square footage of it, the type of roofing materials you decide on. Call Structural Beam today at  +1 773-917-8998, and get a free price estimate for the metal home you’d like us to build for you!

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The more contractors you have on a project, the less control and the higher the risk.
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We provide qualitative masonry and construction services for residential and commercial properties in Chicago. Our masonry contractors work with any style of brick, block, or stone in all different phases of construction.
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Our services include the fabrication and installation of steel structures. The structures can be matched with either full masonry or wood frame structures as per the architectural drawings. We install wood or steel trusses after every floor before continuing construction on upper levels.