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Miscellaneous steel products
We manufacture miscellaneous steel products for all types of construction. Here are some of them:
Steel Stairs
Choose a steel staircase for your home or building to add modern style. Our expert staircase manufacturer will ensure the greatest product!
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Steel Handrails
Steel handrails bring in an aesthetic look to your home and commercial complex.
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Steel Porches
Fabricators and installers of steel porches. You can't go wrong when you hire the right porch contractors.
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Steel Balconies
Custom commercial grade steel balconies for a condominium in Chicago.
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Miscellaneous Steel Fabricators | Structural Beam

Miscellaneous steel fabricators and erectors in Chicago, Il., for swift and successful miscellaneous metal construction project

Miscellaneous Steel Fabricators, For Best Results—Structural Beam!

It’s time to get that metal porch along with steel railings, or that steel balcony and a set of metal stairs. Exciting, isn’t it? The ideas galore, designs are selected and the time is coming for them to take shape of miscellaneous steel construction, integrated with your house or commercial property. Attention to detail and clear communication between contractor and client is the key to getting it right from the first go. Let’s find out why, so you don’t have to have a second go at it.

Miscellaneous metals, uniform vision

Miscellaneous metals have been around for a very long time. Long enough for miscellaneous metal fabricators and erectors to figure out, that small supporting structures, metal porches, steel stairs, steel balconies, and steel railings require not only mastery of the structural steel fabrication and erection crafts. The overall success of the miscellaneous metals project is determined well before the erection of miscellaneous steel is done. Nope, not a fabrication stage, either.

Architect— engineer —fabricator —erector loop

It’s a clumsy title, admittedly, but it’s better to have a somehow clumsy title than to dish out a substantial amount of money and get a clumsy porch. Let’s go step by step and see, why the one-stop miscellaneous steel solutions company, like Structural Beam, can produce the best quality results for miscellaneous metal projects:

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Two contractors, an engineer, and a lame porch

Yep, it all can go astray extremely easily. At seven shepherds there is no flock, at three contractors the porch is lame. You get my meaning.

The miscellaneous steel construction business requires an extremely clear and shared vision from all the counterparts of the loop. The erector has to be in the picture early, as early as the shop drawing stage, it will enable fast track erection and avoid expensive delays because of inefficient use of site labor, etc.

The fabricator will have to interact and cooperate with builders, to make sure that all the needed holes, supports, and accommodations are in place when the time will come for the miscellaneous steel erection.

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There must be a GC, or?

This definitely needs a general contractor, or, even better, a one-stop structural steel solutions company with its own structural engineers, metal products supply, fabrication capabilities, and a team of erectors. That’s the best way to eliminate responsibility gaps and chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding between the shepherds, sorry, just couldn’t help myself.

By choosing Structural Beam, a local, Chicago, Il. miscellaneous steel fabricators and erectors, you’ll be getting a comprehensive, reasonably priced service package:

  • Seamless cooperation of engineer, fabricator, and erector from the inception of the miscellaneous steel project
  • Expert fabrication and assembly of miscellaneous metal for structural stability and swift subsequent erection
  • Professional estimation of the project
  • An assured supply of metal products for your project, we work with the best structural steel suppliers and metal components suppliers in the industry
  • “One hand, one responsibility” setup that will allow you to avoid delays and disappointments
  • Efficient use of on-site labor, resulting in the lower overall cost of the project
  • Timely completion of miscellaneous steel erection
  • We do brick and concrete masonry work, too. It can come in very handy and yet again, with easy integration in the overall flow of the project
  • High quality, great value, long-lasting metal porch, that looks just like that lovely architect’s drawing
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Our welding department specialist offers a wide range of site welding solutions to commercial and domestic customers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered miscellaneous steel?

Steel porches and balconies, steel stairs and railings are common miscellaneous steel items. In broader terms, metal hangars, mansard frames, mechanical units supports are also types of miscellaneous steel.

What do steel fabricators do?

Steel fabricators manufacture structural steel elements and fabricate structural steel members. They do so by using various techniques, like cutting, welding, rivetings, shaping, punching, etc.

What division is miscellaneous metals?

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