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Get your project’s supply of steel products from your local structural steel provider, Structural Beam!

Get Structural Steel Supply for Your Project with  Structural Beam!

Whether you are planning getting railings for your private decking, or you are a general contractor or property developer, planning a large commercial building construction project, the key to saving money, energy, and time is the same.

By using a one-stop structural steel solutions company with a comprehensive list of capabilities, including structural steel supply, you’ll get the best results and significantly reduce the overall cost of your construction project. Call 773-917-8998 and start saving today!

Supplying the best brands of the structural steel industry

At Structural Beam, we don’t compromise on our supplies. We only work with the leading suppliers and get the best available structural steel products, to support your fabrication and erection with a steady supply of high-quality structural steel products.

We fulfill your fabrication order’s supply needs

We’ve got a simple business strategy, delivering the best quality of products and services to our customers at the best price. When you choose us for your next fabrication project, you’ll get a non-hustle, wholesale-price supply of the best quality, available in the market.

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Comprehensive steel products selection

As a rule of thumb, you’ll need a broad selection of metal products to fulfill your structural steel construction project’s need for raw components.  Before the steel fabricator can start cutting and shaping metal to manufacture steel members from mild carbon steel to fabricate that railing for your decking, structural steel products should be fully stocked, quantity and selection-wise, and ready for fabrication.

Our supply team always does a great job for our customers, with an uninterrupted and timely supply of a wide variety of quality structural steel products, to support the smooth flow of your construction project.

Working with Structural Beam, you can be sure, that these staples will always be available for the fabrication of your order at the wholesale price:

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American owned and family operated, our products include:
One company for all structural steel needs, Structural Beam

Apart from being a reliable source of wholesale-priced structural steel products, Structural Beam company has got so much more to offer to customers from the fabrication and construction industries. We offer a one-stop structural steel solutions package, that we support by steel products supply:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the structural steel manufacturer?

Structural steel manufacturer produces structural steel parts, that are later used in fabrication project to assemble larger structural steel structures from, by using welding, riveting, and bolting.

What is a structural steel contractor?

A structural steel contractor is a company or an individual, engaged in the fabrication and erection of structural steel frames, metal buildings, and structural steel structures. As an example, Structural Beam company is a structural steel contractor.

What is structural steel called?

Low-carbon steel or mild steel are the other names for structural steel, used in structural steel fabrication and construction industries. For example, ASTM A36 structural steel is the one most often used for construction purposes.

What are structural steel products?

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