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Structural steel products are staples of the steel construction industry. Get your project’s fill at Structural Beam, your Chicago, Il. area supplier!

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Reliable structural steel products supply is essential for any new construction project involving building with structural steel. Structural steel products require fabrication to become structural steel members. Structural Beam is a structural steel solutions company in Chicago, Il. , we do supply and fabrication. Call +1 773-917-8998 today for a free price estimate!

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Structural Beam provides a comprehensive one-stop service for all things structural steel in Chicago, Il. Our emphasis is on providing high-quality structural steel fabrication, erection, and installation services, powered by reliable structural metal products supply.

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Miscellaneous steel products
We manufacture miscellaneous steel products for all types of construction. Here are some of them:
Steel Stairs
Choose a steel staircase for your home or building to add modern style. Our expert staircase manufacturer will ensure the greatest product!
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Steel Handrails
Steel handrails bring in an aesthetic look to your home and commercial complex.
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Steel Porches
Fabricators and installers of steel porches. You can't go wrong when you hire the right porch contractors.
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Steel Balconies
Custom commercial grade steel balconies for a condominium in Chicago.
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Structural steel products

Structural steel beams

We provide and fabricate hot-rolled beams of all sections available in the market:

Structural steel columns

We provide and work with/manufacture a wide range of structural steel columns:

  • UC, or universal columns
  • Custom-built steel columns
  • Stainless steel columns
  • HSS -based columns
  • Lally columns

Steel joists and girders

  • We fabricate and install steel joists and girders:
  • Floor joists
  • Ceiling joists
  • Roof joists
  • Joist girders, both standard, and custom-build
  • Open-web or bar joists

Steel trusses

We fabricate, install, and erect steel trusses of different types:

  • Standard steel roof trusses of various types
  • Steel floor trusses
  • Custom steel trusses, built to your particular specifications and dimensions

Steel plate

We provide and fabricate from

Top-quality structural steel at highly competitive prices!
If you need structural steel beams for your building construction, contact Structural Beam today. We provide high-quality steel products at fair prices to small building firms and private customers in Chicago.
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Transportation and delivery

Our services include structural steel members transportation, which we deliver from our metal fabrication workshop right to the erection/construction/renovation site, saving your time and money.

Real one-stop solutions

Structural Beam can act in the capacity of the general contractor, and do the full cycle of supply, fabrication, and erection/installation of quality structural steel members, along with concrete and brick masonry services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are structural steel products?

Structural steel products are made for structural steel, a regulated type of steel, designated for its mechanical properties, and are used in the construction industry. For example, the I-beam is made of ASTM A36 structural steel.

What are the types of structural steel?

There are basically two types of structural steel, used in residential and commercial construction. There’s hot-rolled ASTM A36 steel and its younger, stronger cousins like ASTM A572. The other type is cold-formed structural steel, like ASTM A500.

What can structural steel be used for?

Structural steel can be used for different construction applications, depending on what shape it was given in the factory. E.g., structural steel beams can become structural members like beams and joists. Universal Columns are, well, columns.

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