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Steel for Construction
Choose structural steel for your project and you will reduce its overall cost and enhance its value.
Masonry and Steel For Builders, by Structural Beam

Structural Beam provides structural steel and masonry services to developers and general contractors in Chicago. Call +1 773-917-8998 for an estimate!

Steel And Masonry Services For Builders in Chicago, Il

Whether you are a general contractor or a property developer looking for one, Structural Beam is there for you. Reputable and experienced local, Chicago, Il company, we provide one-stop structural steel and masonry solutions for residential and commercial building construction projects.

When steel and masonry meet

There’s always a fusion of structural steel and masonry in most commercial and residential building projects. The job of a general contractor is to make sure that the construction project flows uninterrupted, and masonry and structural steel contractors cooperate in an organized and concerted manner.

Structural Beam offers both structural steel and brick and/or concrete masonry services. This kind of approach has many benefits for our customers, both general contractors, and property developers:

  • One-stop steel and masonry building service is the key to the seamless integration of structural steelworks and masonry, it takes the least effort in oversight since both services are provided by one contractor
  • Responsibility concentration: since it’s one contractor providing both services, there are no “responsibility blind spots” between different contractors
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A broad range of construction services

Structural steel services

Structural Beam offers a broad range of construction services, offered separately in the contractor capacity and as an integrated package in general contractor’s capacity :

  • Structural steel supply and fabrication offered as one inclusive service
  • Structural steel erection, from steel-framed house to shop erection
  • Metal building erection
  • Structural steel member installation and replacement, from lintels to steel beams and columns
  • Renovations of commercial and residential property

Concrete and brick masonry services

All of the above can be done together with concrete and brick masonry services, to complete the general contractor service package for our customers:

  • Concrete masonry works, like pouring the slab, pouring the walls, laying concrete blocks
  • Brick and cinder block masonry works

Our masonry team and our structural steel team have worked together on many successfully completed commercial and residential construction projects, and have proven their aptitude in working together, seamlessly integrating structural steel and masonry works.

Steel buildings erection

Prefabricated metal building erection can be done, from private steel building houses to commercial property like metal building shops. Our steel erection team will arrive at the erection site with all the tools and equipment, along with a crane or other lifting equipment if needed. Our professional and experienced steel erectors will assemble your metal building according to the instructions and diagrams, assuring the long life of the pre-fab steel construction.

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Renovate, Remodel, Rebuild!

All three R’s have to do  with a pre-existing building, but the scale and the focus of the works are different:

Renovation services

Our company can take on renovation projects of various scales, for commercial and residential buildings alike.  Renovation is when the existing structure is renovated, restored, and repaired to it’s original state.  At times there’s a need to remove compromised structural steel members and install new ones, at the same time doing some repair masonry work.

We’ll do the estimation and plan the job first. Then, the manufacturing department will proceed with fabricating steel members according to specifications.  Our renovation team will arrive at the site, bring all the materials, tools, and equipment, and do the renovation magic, restoring your building’s structural stability and beauty.

Remodeling services

Remodeling services are much larger in scope and scale and involve the changes in the flow of the building, moving of internal walls, and changing the internal space structure. Remodeling is done to make the building more comfortable and usable.

For remodeling jobs, permits are required. We’ll take off the regulatory compliance, too. Remodeling necessarily involves brick and often concrete masonry work, mostly done on the interior of the building. We’ve done many quality remodeling jobs, you can see the results in our portfolio.

Rebuilding services

Rebuilding services involve exterior work. They are by far the largest in scope out of the three R’s and usually are done to address some structural problems of the building. They require the most permit work but don’t you worry, our legal and regulatory compliance team will have it all sorted out.

Masonry and Steel Structures
The more contractors you have on a project, the less control and the higher the risk.
Masonry works
We provide qualitative masonry and construction services for residential and commercial properties in Chicago. Our masonry contractors work with any style of brick, block, or stone in all different phases of construction.
In one hand! In one company
We build faster and save you money! Our team includes bricklayers and steel workers.
Steel works
Our services include the fabrication and installation of steel structures. The structures can be matched with either full masonry or wood frame structures as per the architectural drawings. We install wood or steel trusses after every floor before continuing construction on upper levels.
What it takes

Here’s the list of prerequisites for a construction services company like Structural Beam to be able to accomplish all the three R’s and more:

  • Experience, that can only be earned, along with reputation
  • Our qualified and experienced employees: ironworkers, welders, erectors, concrete and brick masons, all with appropriate certifications, at the ready to go erecting structural steel, fabricating structural steel members, etc., laying those bricks and pouring concrete
  • Our attentive, responsive, responsible, and highly qualified office team, running the management and logistics of several projects simultaneously and paying equal attention to a small private home renovation or a large-scale commercial building erection
  • Being its own structural steel products supplier, our company can take your order or short notice, being sure that the required steel product will be there in the fabrication shop on time

Working with a reputable and experienced local, Chicago, Il construction contractor like Structural Beam, you can be sure of timely and high-quality completion of your construction project.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a steel builder?

    A steel builder can refer to a steel construction worker or a company that does structural steel construction, builds using steel.

    How much is construction steel?

    Common construction steel like hot-rolled ASTM A36 structural steel, which I-beams are made of, is quite inexpensive, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular with the construction industry.

    Why is steel so good for construction?

    Steel has excellent mechanical properties and a great strength-to-weight ratio. Steel is extremely structurally stable and impervious to rot and pests and is naturally fire-resistant. Structural steel products are easy to fabricate and steel frames are fast to erect. All of that makes steel a really good construction material.

    We offer the following services
    On-site job measuring and manufacture!
    Supply & fabrication of structural steelwork
    Custom metal fabrication
    Full site installation with qualified tradespeople
    Blueprint Design
    Blueprint Design We manage an entire project, including the whole design process and every aspect of engineering and construction. Our blueprints are highly detailed to avoid any misunderstanding during the working process. We are working with the best architects and structural engineers in the USA who spell out our building methods and materials, and discuss everything from the concrete footings to the steel supports and bolts.
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