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    Steel I-beam is the most frequently used type of hot-rolled steel beam, due to its great mechanical properties and reasonable price. Whether you are looking for ceiling or floor joists and girders, or for a new lintel, a steel I-beam is a great choice for the task. Get to know more about this great construction material, to benefit your upcoming building project!

    Steel I-beam basics, to your benefit

    The perfect steel for the perfect I-beam

    Steel I-beams, or universal beams, as they are sometimes called, are typically produced from hot-rolled ASTM A35 carbon structural steel that exhibits high yield strengths along with enough ductility to make steel I beam a perfect construction material.

    The shape that makes all the difference

    The construction industry is helped by civil engineering services, designing structures that utilize many types of structural steel beams, with the most often used type being steel I-beams.

    The advantage of the I-beam as a construction material for load-bearing and load-transferring applications comes from its cross-section shape, which looks like a capital I, with a vertical section called “web”, and the parallel horizontal sections called “flanges”.

    Horizontal flanges resist the bending moment that comes from the load-bearing, and the web resists shear forces as well. All together, it makes steel I beam-made structural members very stable and strong.

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    The common sizes of steel I-beam in residential construction

    The general range

    The common size of steel I beams would range from S3 x 5.7, with a depth of 3 inches and a weight of 5.7 pounds per foot, to S12 x 31.8 with a depth of 12 inches and a hefty 31.8 pounds per foot.

    The size by application

    Steel construction manual, used in civil engineering, specifies the appropriate sizes of steel I beam, used in different applications in residential construction. The sizes are also regulated by the IBC or International Building Codes. Following codes and standards is important to assure the lasting structural stability of the building and the safety of its occupants. Please make sure you’ll get it right, and always use a professional engineer to pick the right sizes of the steel I-beam for a particular application at hand.

    Perfect replacement for timber beams

    Steel I beams have, to a great extent, replaced traditional wooden beams. There are a few reasons behind it :

    • Steel I-beams have a greater strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for both lighter and sturdier construction
    • Steel I-beams are not affected by rot, and, if properly protected, impervious to the natural elements
    • Steel I-beams are, by nature, fire-resistant
    • The speed of construction, that utilizes steel I-beam based structural solutions, is way faster than one, using timber
    • Steel I-beam is incredibly strong, and when I-beams are connected by welding and riveting, it makes for construction, that will serve for a long time, with virtually no maintenance costs
    Our steel beams have good machinability, corrosion resistance, and weldability properties.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is stronger: H beam or I beam?

    By design, the H-beam has a thicker web, and hence can support heavier loads, and is generally a stronger type.

    What steel is used for I beams?

    Mild carbon structural steel ASTM A36 is most often used to make structural steel I beam. Its mechanical properties, a combination of strength and ductility, and ease of manufacturing and welding greatly contribute to the popularity of steel I beam in the construction industry.

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