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Steel Columns Erection, The Way The Pros Do It, Expert Guide

Steel columns erection is a crucial stage of construction, a task for an experienced steel erector. Call +1 773-917-8998 for a free price quote, today!

What are the features of a professionally done steel column erection?

The steel column is an actual backbone of the steel-framed house construction. Steel columns transfer the shear, the axial load, and the flexure of the whole building to the foundation. Get it right, and the steel-framed house will stand long and tall.

For something that important, you’d want an experienced structural steel erector to do the job.  Here’s our expert’s guide to steel column erection, as done by Structural Beam, your local steel column erector in Chicago, Il.

Steel columns erection, step-by-step flow

The preparation

  • The prefabricated steel columns and beams arrive at the steel erection site beforehand, along with fixtures, shims, nuts, and bolts, preferably a day before, so the erection gang can get on erecting steel columns right after arriving at the site.
  • Structural steel members, including the steel columns, are placed in a well-thought-out order.
  • Having all primary structural steel members prefabricated, cut to the size, welded, and punched in the steel fabricator’s workshop greatly reduces the length of the steel columns’ erection process and the erection costs due to fewer paid working hours on site.
  • Structural Beam is your local one-stop steel structures erection specialist in Chicago, Il. area, we can handle the full cycle of steel-framed building construction projects. Work with the best, support the local businesses, call us today for a free estimate!
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The erection
  • The steel column erection starts with placing column bases so the anchor bolts go through the holes and bolting the bases to the anchor bolts, thus affixing the columns to the foundation and creating the backbone of the steel frame structure.
  • The anchor bolts for the columns were placed when the foundation was poured/foundation walls were completed. The anchor bolts constitute a part of a column base connection, perhaps the most important of all in the whole structure. Column base connections transfer the shear, the axial load, and the flexure of the whole building to the foundation, bearing all those construction loads.
  • Beams are lifted up either with a help of a crane or by jacking, placed in the position, and bolted to the columns, without tightening, so the resulting steel frame structure can be then aligned by the gang according to the erection engineer’s commands.
  • The alignment takes place and the gang persuades the frame to take the right shape, right after that all bolts are tightened and the steel columns’ erection is pretty much completed.
  • In some cases, welding is used to connect the beams to the columns. It’s done by certified welders, using quality welding torches, and following the best practices of the trade.
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A word of wisdom on the one-stop structural steel solution providers

Getting it all done by a local, experienced, and reputed one-stop structural steel solutions provider has many benefits to it, to name a few

  • Overall building construction cost reduction due to simplified logistics
  • Responsibility concentration with one company, you get one company in charge of the whole project, no “responsibility gaps”
  • Overall comfort for you as a client, you can just sit back and relax, knowing that everything is under control.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is steel structure erection?

Technically speaking, it’s an assembly of structural components – primary and secondary structural steel members into a steel frame on the construction site. Fabricated beams and columns are brought to the site and put together by bolting (or welding). Structural Beam is your local, Chicago Il. one-stop structural steel solutions provider, we do fabrication and erection of structural steel frames.

What is a column erection?

It involves bolting of the columns’ base to the anchoring bolts of column base connection, and bolting of steel beams to the column, sometimes connections can be done by welding, too. Column erection is an integral part of steel-framed building construction. We do it at Structural Beam, call 773-917-8998 today for a consultation!

What does a competent person do in steel erection?

Our steel columns have good machinability, corrosion resistance, and weldability properties.
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