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Steel Floor Joists
The floor will never get saggy or creaky, having steel floor joists installed by Structural Beam will be a huge money-saver solution down the line.
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Install Steel Floor Joists in Your Home for Lasting Floor Support

Steel floor joists offer multiple benefits for the homeowner. They allow for higher ceilings, spacious rooms, and living spaces. They contribute to the structural integrity of the flooring systems of your house and eliminate creaking sounds and flooring noises. Being impervious to humidity, pests, and time, steel floor joists are the best option to save money both long — and short-term, available to you.

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Steel floor joist, count the benefits

Whether you are planning a new home construction, or about to replace the old floor joists in the existing home, there are quite a few benefits for you as a homeowner in using modern steel floor joists

Clear spans, open spaces

Modern steel floor joists offer very long clear spans. They can span up to 33 feet, allowing for the freedom of design for a new home, or for remodeling of an existing home.

Higher ceilings

Since modern steel floor joists don’t require girders and have openings for wires and piping, they eliminate the need for large bulkheads, reduce the floor depth and thus facilitate higher ceilings and a more pleasant (and valuable) living space environment.

Exceptional dimensional stability

The cold-rolled structural steel is a great material for a floor joist, indeed. It has a high weight-to-strength ratio. Structural Beam offers you steel joists of galvanized cold-formed steel, designed specifically for reliable, long-term structural stability, and manufactured by the largest manufacturers, at a very competitive price tag.

Fire, pest, and mold-proof

Our floor joists are steel framing members, impervious to major timber joist problems like wood rot, termites, mold growth. They are naturally fire-resistant and allow you to rip all the benefits of steel framing solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with wood, brick, and concrete masonry.

Forget about creaky floors

Yet another benefit the homeowner gets from using steel floor joists is the lasting comfort of quiet floors. Everyone had an experience of creaky old wood-framed floors. Not anymore, not with modern steel floor joists!

The floor will never get saggy or creaky, having steel floor joists installed by Structural Beam will be a huge money-saver solution down the line. Steel members are dimensionally stable over time.

We offer the following services
On-site job measuring and manufacture!
Supply & fabrication of structural steelwork
Custom metal fabrication
Full site installation with qualified tradespeople
Steel floor joists installation outline

This is how we do it at Structural Beam:

  • Structural Beam’s professional estimators will calculate the exact cost of the steel floor joists installation project, so you can have much needed financial clarity and plan accordingly
  • Our metal fabricators will manufacture the joist according to the blueprints, provided by you
  • We’ll deliver the metal joists, and fastening materials to the site, and our experienced workers will do the installing of steel floor joists

Our workforce has a lot of experience in installing steel floor joists. You can be sure that the installation will be done in accordance with best practices of the industry, and in compliance with IRC codes and all relevant local regulations. Call Structural Beam today at 773-917-8998 to get your project rolling!

Steel floor joist replacement outline

A successful floor joist replacement project requires a lot of experience, and that’s how our builders are, knowledgeable and experienced.

  • On-site inspection and assessment are done first, to establish the conditions, take the measurements, and come up with a sound plan for the job. Shall you require assistance with removing old flooring and joists, we’ll do that for you, too
  • Our engineer and steel designer will then work with our metal fabricators to create shop drawings, so the fabrication can start. At the same time, our steel erectors will be in the loop early so the placement drawings can be created, before the installation job is to start
  • Skillful metal erectors will do the installation of new steel floor joists, so the flooring of your home will provide you and your family with structural support for many years to come.
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