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Structural steel replacement

Fast and Safe Replacement Steel Structure in Chicago IL

If you have decided to live in a metal building, you need to consider many factors while choosing all construction materials you will use to build it or rebuild it. A great idea of the building material to make internal walls for your building or attach external ones could be steel frame. This building material is very resistant and lasts about 100 years. Steel frame structures also present many other advantages – they are a perfect mix of quality, sustainability, and economic efficiency.

Remodeling Your Metal Building Is Easy With Structural Beam

Another important point that proves the versatility of steel frame is that it is possible to recycle steel. Call 773-917-8998 today if you’re interested in steel structure rebuilding.

Steel buildings can make great homes. All they require is an expert’s innovative approach. If you want your building to become highly functional and livable, do not hesitate to contact the experts from our construction services company. Our company located in Chicago specializes in remodeling steel buildings. Our specialists can give you all the tips you need on structural steel products and other construction materials.


Can you add onto an existing steel building?

In most cases, it is possible to expand a steel building. It is actually a simple and affordable way to expand a business or a residential house. Note that if the condition of the existing metal building is very poor, instead of rebuilding, you might want to demolish the original structure and start over – it will be both easier and cheaper.

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When you’re looking for a steel beam manufacturer, trust Structural Beams to deliver. We offer structural steel beams for a variety of uses. Whether your need is for construction projects or manufacturing, your project demands quality.
Installation beams
Get steel beam installation service in Chicago and surrounding areas. Experienced Contractors.
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Replace beams
Replacing rusted steel beams and lintels is crucial to the buildings structural integrity.
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Erection Beams
Structural Beam is a full service steel erection company, with projects ranging from small miscellaneous metal jobs to large complex structural jobs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a metal building livable?

To turn a metal building into a comfortable home, you will have to invest in some safety features because safety comes first. These features may include:

  • Reinforced anchor points for better wind resistance;
  • Stronger trusses to help the building withstand heavy snow loads and/or falling tree limbs.

It is also absolutely essential to properly insulate your metal building. Remember to paint it for corrosion protection and a fresh appearance, too.

How do you attach a wall to a metal building?

Working with steel for houses requires a few special tools. So if you want to carry out the job on your own, make sure you purchase the right ones. Then attaching a wall to a metal building will be easy. If you do not feel confident enough to handle it yourself, Structural Beam professionals are always ready to help you.

How can I make my metal building look better?

Just like any other house, with a little effort, a metal building can become more attractive. When it’s corrosion-free, it looks great already. But a beautiful roof, large windows, embellished doors, and cozy shutters can definitely make your metal building look even more inviting. Lighting can also add a touch of elegance to your metal structure. Remember to choose a nice color for the exterior. In addition, make sure that your yard is well-maintained and clean. Whenever you feel like you need the help of  experienced professionals, feel free to contact us.

Our steel beams have good machinability, corrosion resistance, and weldability properties.
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