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Steel Columns for Construction
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Steel Columns in Construction, Our Expert's Guide

All you need to know about structural steel columns — from your local one-stop structural steel specialist in the Chicago, Il area.

Steel Columns, Learn The Benefits From Structural Beam’s Expert

Structural steel columns are a true backbone of metal frame construction, allowing your home to stand strong and tall. The use of steel columns in your construction project saves a lot of effort, money, and time. There are different types of steel columns, and all have their particular purpose. At Structural Beam, we know all about steel columns. Our expert spells it out for you.

What is a structural steel column?

A column ( in engineering ) is a vertical structural member that is subjected to axial compression and serves the function of providing structural support by transferring load from other elements of construction like slabs, beams, and ceiling to the foundation or floor.

A column in architecture can be both structural — serving as a support — and non-structural, or decorative.

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What are the main steel column types?

Hollow Structural Sections

Sometimes mistakenly called “Hollow structural steel”, HSS is Hollow Structural Section. We have square columns, rectangular and circular HSS for sale near you, in the Chicago, Il area — give us a call at +1 773-917-8998 for for a free price quote!

Standard hot-rolled steel columns

Most often, structural steel columns are manufactured from H-beams, W-beams, and S-beams, depending on the particular application in your construction project. At Structural Beam, we have all types of metal beams for sale, call 773-917-8998 for a price quote!

Steel pipe columns

Steel pipe columns are most often made of stainless steel. They are usually left unpainted and are polished. Metal pipe columns are mostly used for decorative purposes. They belong to the “exposed structural steel” class.

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We have many years of experience in steel beam works and provide all relevant services for projects in Chicago. Here's how it works:
Project Requirements Assessment
We work on building to assess steel beams for current and future loadings.
Material Resourcing
Different steel beams exist for various purposes. We have the resources and capabilities to ensure that you get the beams you need exactly when you need.
Safe, fast, quality-assured installation
The erection of structural steelwork consists of the assembly of steel components
We offer the following services
On-site job measuring and manufacture!
Supply & fabrication of structural steelwork
Custom metal fabrication
Full site installation with qualified tradespeople
How are steel columns manufactured?

How are steel columns manufactured?

  • All shapes of HSS — square, rectangular, and round — are manufactured by cold forming and welding
  • Standard steel beams are manufactured by hot rolling
  • To become structural steel members of a new home construction project, steel beams and HSS need to be fabricated according to particular sizes, etc. Structural Beam does all types of steel fabrication in the Chicago, Il area near you. Call 773-917-8998 today for a free price quote!
  • Custom structural steel columns are built up from standard hot rolled beams. Our skilled engineers are ready to advise you on particular steel column requirements for your project,  call 773-917-8998  and get a quote!

What are the steel types used in structural steel columns?

  • For HSS — it’s either ASTM A500 steel or, from 2013 onwards, A1085 steel.
  • For steel beams — it’s normally  ASTM A36, a structural durable steel

  Advantages of steel column use in construction

  • Steel columns are easy to install — unlike concrete or masonry, they save time and money
  • Steel columns take up very little space without compromising the stability of the building
  • Steel columns allow for easy adjustment of the floor plan, thus extending the lifespan of the building
  • Steel columns allow for architects’ freedom of imagination and creative expression
  • Aesthetic value — architecturally exposed structural steel is widely used in residential and commercial building projects
  • Structural stability — Samson would have never managed to pull his trick if columns in the temple were made of steel (in that story those were stone masonry columns, weren’t they)
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Structural steel structures such as steel beams have a high strength to weight ratio, making it quite durable.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy steel columns near me in Chicago, Il?

Structural Beams is a local, one-stop structural metal solutions provider in the Chicago, Il area. We’ve got all types of steel columns for sale near you, we do steel column fabrication and column erection as well. Call 773-917-8998 today for a free consultation and a free price quote!

What is the difference between a steel column and a steel beam?

A steel column is a vertical structural member, and the steel beam is a horizontal one. Beams resist bending and transfer the load to columns. Columns, in turn, transfer the load to the floor below or to the foundation, by resisting compression.