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Whether you are getting your own structural steel frame home erected, or you are a general contractor, looking for a structural steel erection service for the commercial building construction project, you are looking for efficiency, a great job done on time, and a reasonable price. At Structural Beam, we’ve got all it takes to provide those and more. Learn about your benefits, hear me out.

When the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

What makes Structural Beam a great structural steel erection service provider? Let’s take a look at the big picture, and how all parts come together to create a comprehensive structural steel erection services package.

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Comprehensive service
  • Structural Beam team provides a truly comprehensive, one-stop structural steel solutions service, the package that you and your construction project can greatly benefit from:
  • Structural steel supply, allows us to take on your construction project on a short notice
  • Structural steel design and engineering, as a basis for any structural steel project, providing a clear fabrication and erection map
  • Structural steel estimating service helps to achieve clarity on the costs of the fabrication supplies and overall cost of the project
  • Structural steel fabrication, being in-house and integrated, allows producing pre-fab structures to the highest standards of the industry, using the latest technology
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Great cooperation under one roof

One of the greatest challenges of any structural steel construction project is to organize clear communication between contractors doing design and engineering, fabrication, and erection parts of the whole construction process.

Structural steel erectors need to be brought in the loop early, at the stage of shop drawings creation in cooperation between the structural steel designer/engineer and fabricators. It allows achieving much-needed clarity by creating detailed placement drawings and eliminates surprises from the fabricators.

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The Results of Our Steelwork in the construction sector:
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Our mighty steel erection department
  • Our steel erection team has worked on many successfully completed structural steel projects, delivering efficiency and doing a great job, please see our portfolio.
  • The erection gang has all the needed equipment and heavy machinery like cranes etc. available at all times
  • Structural Beam’s steel erectors can erect steel frames for both private houses and commercial buildings, masterfully aligning the frame and bolting it tight, under the guidance of highly experienced and proficient steel erection engineers
  • Our certified ironworkers are ready to erect columns and beams, joists, girders, and trusses, and are apt at using all the appropriate tools of the trade
  • From metal decking installation to the erection of steel stairs, complete with railings and handrails, our structural steel erectors have enough knowledge and experience to erect any structure and perform any installation.
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If you are looking for a structural steel erection service for your steel construction project in Chicago IL, look no further! Structural Beam has got many completed structural steel erection projects under our belt. We can do it for your project, too, call us today at 773-917-8998 for a free consultation by our specialists!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a structural steel erector?

Structural steel erector is erecting steel structures, like steel frames, metal buildings, etc. Structural steel erectors do the dismantling of the steel structures, too.

What is considered steel erection?

Steel erection refers to the construction of steel buildings, and other structures. Metal decking installation and alterations/repair of existing steel buildings also belong to steel erection.

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