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Structural Steel Erectors in Chicago, Il | Structural Beam

For commercial and residential building erection solutions, work with Structural Beam — reputable steel erectors in the Chicago, Il area!

Structural Beam — Experienced and Reputable Steel Erectors

Whether it is commercial or residential steel building erection, Structural Beam is there for you to make it a success. A local, experienced and reputable one-stop structural steel solutions company, we’d be happy to hear from you, call +1 773-917-8998 today and let’s get that steel structure erected!

Build fast, build cheap, build adjustable

For the speed of it

Metal building erectors know that a well-organized steel building erection can be a rather rapid affair. That is one of the main reasons why the metal building industry is as developed as it is, creating employment for millions of people all over the country and being one of the engines of economic development for many decades. Metal building contractors and steel erectors are leading the charge, so to speak, supported by structural steel fabricators.

Time is money

The speedy nature of metal building erection comes in particularly handy in commercial properties development when the schedule of the new construction project has to be as short as possible, so the turnkey delivery of a commercial building can happen fast and business property can be put at its intended use and start making returns on the development investments.

General contractor, the mind behind it all

Construction management services, provided by general contractors, working alongside erectors of metal buildings, facilitate the efficient allocation of time and resources:

  • Industrial-grade construction equipment, that requires a robust system of maintenance, qualified operators, and multi-level service support is of critical importance
  • Efficient and reliable, high-quality structural steel fabrication
  • Intricate logistics of construction materials and structural steel members delivery
  • Highly-skilled employees including certified welders and trained and practiced erection team members
  • Engineers and architects working together in constant interaction
  • Sophisticated computer programs running the books and keeping supplies in check
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Our integrated mindset benefits projects, clients, it's how we revolutionize the way structures are designed and built.
We are devoted to creating unique and innovative build solutions along with the high-quality structural steel services.
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Structural steel erectors

Structural steel erectors play a major part in the general contractor’s master plan. Steel building erector is in charge of the steel frame erection, the crucial stage of the metal building construction process. To successfully accomplish this fit of logistics, engineering, and skilled craftsmanship, steel erectors have to:

  • Have a well-trained and highly skilled erection workers team (the erection gang, as it is called by those in the steel building erection business)
  • Possess and maintain all tools and equipment used in steel erection
  • Have access to heavy equipment and machinery, including different types of lifting equipment, cranes, etc.
  • Have a sound and strictly maintained on-site safety policy, since steel building erection is one of the most dangerous occupations in the building construction industry
  • Qualified and experienced engineers must be a part of the erection team and supervise the steel erection process
  • The coordination of this multifaceted effort has to be supported by using computer software to maintain accountability and enable efficient planning of supplies

Steel building erectors have to cooperate with steel fabricators, that fabricate columns, beams, girders and joists, trusses required for the project. The ideal situation in that regard is when a general contractor is dealing with a one-stop structural steel solutions company, like Structural Beam.

All in one caring hand

Structural Beam is a local, Chicago Il. one-stop structural steel solutions company. We are very experienced structural steel erectors and adept structural steel fabricators, capable of decent scale high-quaality structural steel manufacturing, and fulfilling the supply requirements of commercial metal buildings new construction projects.

Our “all in one hand” approach allows us to maintain the ability to organize the smooth flow of the steel erection process and create maximum value for our customers, simultaneously reducing the overall cost of the steel building erection.

Acting in the capacity of the general contractor, we can provide masonry services along with structural steel fabrication and erection, providing a very attractive “all in one hand” package for the developers.

Our ever-evolving vision allows us to achieve the best quality results for our customers, and our business integrity is evident in the high rate of over 90% of returning customers.

This is something that we are proud of and we're confident that you'll vouch for our steel beams once you see their quality!
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The cost of structural steel is typically composed of four main components – raw material, fabrication, delivery, and erection on site.
Structural Beam’s estimation team will calculate the right price quote for your project, including the cost of raw components, accessories, fabrication, and the cost of the erection/installation.
Structural steel prices
Structural Beam estimators calculate the costs of labor that are going to go into the fulfillment of customers’ orders, including welders, ironworkers, and erection costs.
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In case of renovation, rebuilding, or remodeling, Structural Beam is offering concrete and brick masonry services too. Our estimators can include the cost of masonry works into the detailed overall project’s price estimate.
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