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Steel Columns Fabrication In Chicago | Structural Beam

Steel columns fabrication—step-by-step guide, by Structural Beam’s expert. Call +1 773-917-8998 for a free consultation, today!

Steel Columns Fabrication—Expert Explains, How to Do it Right,

Steel column fabrication happens in the structural steel fabrication workshop, where materials like beams, HSS, or even stainless steel pipes are turned into fabricated steel columns by steel fabrication specialists, using hand tools and various equipment.

At Structural Beam, we’ve mastered the art of steel column fabrication, call us today at +1 773-917-8998 to get a free consultation and a free price quote!

Steel column anatomy

Usually a steel column — be it a structural support vertical member, or a decorative polished stainless steel pillar — consists of the column itself, and one or two base plates.

The column base plate is a steel plate of rectangular shape, with holes drilled in the corners. The base plate is welded to the base of the column on one or both sides of it. Holes are drilled (or thermal cut) in the base, to the size of the bolts it’s gonna be connected to the concrete support by.  The base plate is a structural element that transfers the column’s load to the footings.

Stiffeners might be used as well, if needed, to reinforce the beam-columns. Stiffeners are plates, welded to the web and flanges of a beam-based column, to create extra stiffness at the beam connections. So far, so good.

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Steel column fabrication, step-by-step

The inception

It starts with the engineer’s blueprint arriving at the steel columns fabricator. The first step would be your fabricator, reading and interpreting those blueprints and diagrams coming from the engineer’s drawing board. His ability to read and interpret them right determines the success of the fabrication.

Planning and logistics

The next step is planning and logistics, steel fabricators seldom keep large quantities of steel beams, HSS, etc. in their workshops. It means that your steel columns fabricator of choice has to order the right amount of raw materials in various steel grades, needed for this particular steel fabrication project at hand.  It’s got to have streamlined access to a wide variety of

That’s why it is of crucial importance that your fabricator has a good supplier of structural steel products. Supplies have to be coming on time, all-time- not to slow down the smoothness of the overall construction project and for not overcrowding the shop. Structural Beam, your local Chicago, Il. a one-stop structural steel solutions provider near you, works with the best suppliers in the industry. By choosing us for that steel columns fabrication job, you are making sure that it’s gonna be done on time and with the best results. You can call us any time for a free consultation.

Inside the ironworks shop

Now the time has come for the actual structural steel fabrication! All is set to take those structural steel products of choice — steel beams, HSS, etc. — and turn them into regular columns or custom steel columns. That’s the time for the ironworkers to roll up their sleeves (figuratively, of course — safety always comes first at Structural Beam’s workshop) and get down to business.  Let’s have a look into that fabrication shop, shall we?

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Stages of fabrication

All steel columns fabrication is done according to specifications, depending on the type of column ordered by the customers.

  • Whether it’s fabricating steel support columns or making that fancy custom fabricated column — the raw materials listed above, steel beams of various profiles, HSS, stainless steel pipes, etc. — are first cut to size.
  • Base plates are manufactured from structural steel, holes for bolts are drilled.
  • Base plates are welded to the columns, stiffeners are welded to the columns.
  • In the case of a custom-made built-up column, it might involve welding members together to create that extra load-bearing capability, plus at least one of the above.

Every operation here is of critical importance, every angle and axis matter, particularly when fabricating steel support columns, the backbones of your steel-framed building.

That’s why choosing an experienced and reputed local structural metal column fabrication specialist is of utmost importance. At Structural Beam, we provide top-rated steel column fabrication services in Chicago, Il. near you.

What makes a good structural steel fabricator?

Structural steel fabrication is an important limb of the modern building construction industry, but not all metal fabricators are equally good. Use this insider info below for your advantage, always work with the best. For a solid structural metal manufacturing facility to operate and deliver in high quality and on time, steel fabricators have to get many features to come together.

Best fabrication equipment

A solid structural metal fabrication operation must have the best and up-to-date hardware from basic hand tools like torches, saws, hammers to advanced CNC machines, advanced welding, etc.

Best up-to-date software in use

Your steel fabrication operation of choice should be apt at utilizing modern software — modern designing software, CNC controlling software, logistic software, etc. Here at Structural Beam, your local one-stop structural metal fabrication solutions provider in Chicago Il. near you, we have all that up and running.

The skilled workforce

A skilled workforce, indeed, can’t be overestimated. Our ironworkers, engineers, certified welders, software design specialists, sophisticated CNC equipment operators are all there to deliver your steel columns fabricated in the best way possible, without cutting corners and taking easy routes.

In structural metal fabrication, corners are there for a reason.

At Structural Beam, we fabricate according to specific requirements and follow the best practices of the industry.

Your friendly (and money-saving) local steel fabricator

It really helps to reduce steel column fabrication costs (due to simpler logistics, involving less transportation) and the impact on the environment, if the manufacturer of structural steel columns is located near you. If you are in Chicago, Il — look no further, we are your local one-stop structural solutions providing company.

Legal and regulatory compliance policy in place

Sound legal and regulatory compliance policy of the steel fabrication operation. Our engineers strictly follow the IBC codes, along with all relevant local, state, and federal laws and regulations, ensuring the safety of future building occupants, and seamless flow and timely completion of the construction project.

Experience and Reputation

Experience and reputation. These are, by far, the most telling features of a perfect structural steel manufacturing operation to look for. It’s essential to have a well-equipped workshop and sophisticated machinery; streamlined raw structural steel products supply is essential, too.

Our steel beams have good machinability, corrosion resistance, and weldability properties.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How thick should a steel column be?

The thickness of the column is determined by the load it’s going to bear. Only an engineer is qualified to determine it according to IBC codes. Contact Structural Beam, your local steel column fabricator in Chicago.

Which steel section is best for a column?

Depending on your project, beams like wide flange beams or I-beams, or HSS can be used. They have their own advantages. Different steel sections are “best” for different purposes. Find out which steel section is best for the columns for your project, call Structural Beam at 773-917-8998 today for a consultation and a free price quote!

How do you fabricate structural steel?

All structural steel products are fabricated according to the specs and blueprints, provided by the engineer, in a professional, well-equipped workshop. Various fabrication techniques like cutting, bending, welding, and drilling are used, according to the type of steel columns to be fabricated.

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