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Steel Trusses Installation
Metal building trusses are an important part of metal building kits, responsible for the framing of the roof.
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Get the Benefits of Metal Building Truss for Your Project

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Meet Metal Building Truss, the Integral Part of Metal Building Kits

Metal building trusses are an important part of metal building kits, responsible for the framing of the roof. Usage of metal building trusses facilitates fast metal building erection and helps to get the roof up in no time. Let’s take a look at the types of metal building trusses and their applications.

Structural steel trusses

Structural steel, or mild carbon structural steel, proved to be a great material for any kind of trusses, providing many benefits, and eliminating the traditional challenges of timber structures :

  • While wooden trusses are affected by rot, modern galvanized metal trusses are impervious to any problems of timber, plus highly resistant to elements
  • Structural steel offers a great strength-to-weight ratio, allowing steel trusses to withstand greater wind-loads
  • Steel trusses overall have a much longer life than wooden trusses

Three main prefabricated trusses designs

Metal prefabricated roof trusses come in 3 typical designs, each best suited for a particular steel truss application, be it metal buildings, or roof extensions for steel buildings, or regular buildings:

Gable trusses

Gable trusses work great for the metal garage, barn, or workshop applications, and can span up to 60 feet. Light and sturdy, they are a great traditional gable roof solution.

Header trusses

Header trusses are great for applications, where longer spans between the poles are needed. Header trusses can span up to 30 feet, and are indispensable for garages for larger equipment. Ease of installation makes them a very attractive option.

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Perfect for DIY projects

Since the metal building kits include all the components and materials required for the metal building erection, they are perfect for DIY projects. A regular metal building kit today includes clear step-by-step assembly instructions.

If you are looking to erect a pole barn or a garage and save money by doing it yourself, metal building kits are a great choice for you, along with metal building trusses.

Modern metal building trusses will help you to erect a both visually attractive and structurally sound barn or garage, that will serve you long and well.

Readily available, prefab metal building truss kits

Metal trusses are available for immediate purchase, so your construction project can be completed very soon. The metal building kits can be promptly delivered to the erection site after the preparations for the erection are done. After the kit is delivered, the erection can commence pretty much immediately.

Using prefab metal building kits eliminates the designing and fabrication stages of the structural steel construction process, reducing the overall cost of the project.

With the help of I-beams framing and metal building trusses, many structural framing shapes can be erected that will suit many applications. It’s the diversity of applications, low costs of erection, and immediate availability that make metal building truss so attractive for both homeowners and professionals.

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Other projects
Using metal building truss for remodeling

To remodel or rebuild your pole barn, you can always install metal building trusses. It is an easy option, that does the job. For non-standard applications, custom header trusses of the required size can be produced and installed.

You can also use steel trusses to replace I-beams in older types of steel-framed constructions, alter the roof shape, and expand the openings for the larger equipment.

Metal building truss, get it from Structural Beam

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do metal buildings have trusses?

Yes, metal buildings do have trusses. Most often there are roof trusses, based on open-web design. Some metal buildings actually all consist of cleverly designed metal trusses that are easy and fast to erect, yet they make attractive-looking and structurally strong buildings.

What is the cost of metal trusses?

It really depends, since metal trusses today are a very wide category indeed. Reach out to us today, give us more information on the application you require metal trusses for, and we’ll give you a free price quote!

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