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Steel Trusses Erection, Djinn At Work

Steel trusses’ erection speed reminds me of Arabian tales and Djinns erecting castles overnight. Speed up your project with that steel truss magic!

Steel Trusses Erection—Roof It Up In No Time

Whether you are building a house, a garage, or an addition, steel trusses erection is the way to finish your project’s roof in the shortest time possible. Rip the benefits of the Steel Truss Djinnie, save money and precious time, call +1 773-917-8998 today and get a free consultation for your project!

And then, the roof was just there

Steel trusses’ erection speed can be quite stunning. One day there’s no roof, and a day or two later the roof is there. That’s how fast the steel trusses work. Indeed, there’s an element of magic at play here, the smart magic. Using steel trusses for roof erection is basically outsourcing some of that construction site work to the fabricator’s workshop in case of custom-built steel trusses, or to a structural steel fabrication factory.

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Steel trusses erection, step-by-step

The planning

Steel trusses erection, if done properly – and that’s how we do any kind of structural erection at Structural Beamstarts with planning and preparation.

  • A day prior to the actual erection, our engineer in charge of the erection team (the erection gang, in fact- that’s how the erection team is called in the business) makes sure that all the plans and specifications are ready, works instructions are thought through along with all the operational details.
  • The competent man is chosen and designated, his function is to ensure the safety of all the team members and intervene to correct any dangerous situation.
  • All the instruments and erection equipment are checked and readied
  • All the trusses, bracings, fasteners and connectors, bolts and nuts are readied and often sent to the site one day prior to the actual erection, and carefully stored
  • Auto-crane is pre-arranged, or scissors crane is delivered to the erection site beforehand
  • Steel frames, if it’s a steel-framed house, are temporarily earthed
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When you’re looking for a steel beam manufacturer, trust Structural Beams to deliver. We offer structural steel beams for a variety of uses. Whether your need is for construction projects or manufacturing, your project demands quality.
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Steel Trusses Fabrication
Get steel trysses fabrication service in Chicago and surrounding areas. Experienced Contractors.
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We supply optimized steel trusses – wide range of sizes and brands, fast delivery.
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Steel Trusses Erection
Structural Beam is a full service steel erection company, with projects ranging from small miscellaneous metal jobs to large complex structural jobs.
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Safety and legal and regulatory compliance

Steel trusses erection is a potentially hazardous process, and safety measures and practices are very important. The necessary designation of the competent man, who is in charge of safety and is authorized to immediately stop the erection process to correct any potentially hazardous situation, is a part of the safety practice and is always done at Structural Beam.

We also have sound legal and regulatory compliance policy in place, to ensure the safety of future house inhabitants. As a local, Chicago, Il. one-stop structural steel solutions providing company, our services include erection of structural steel trusses and steel trusses supply and fabrication.

We work almost as fast as those Djinns, but only during the day, our team’s safety is important for us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why metal truss are better than timber truss?

The metal trusses are superior to timber trusses in many ways: they are impervious to pests, mold, and fungus; they have a superior weight to strength ratio; they don’t catch fire; they are dimensionally stable even in high humidity environment; they require virtually zero maintenance. Rip the benefits of steel trusses with Structural Beam, we supply and erect all types of trusses, reach out to us and get a free consultation for your project!

How do you install metal roof trusses?

Metal roof trusses are installed by first temporary bracing and alignment of the structure, and then by permanent fastening. Metal roof trusses allow for very swift roof support installation and considerably shorten the duration of the residential construction project.

What is steel roof truss?

Our steel trusses have good machinability, corrosion resistance, and weldability properties.
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