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Maintaining the structural stability and safety of your home is of paramount importance, and main load-bearing beams are to be inspected once in a while. If a timber main beam is affected by rot, damaged by elements, or pests, or by the house shifting, or starts to sag, it requires a swift replacement. The same goes for a sagging metal load-bearing beam. For basement beam replacement, call Structural Beam at 773-917-8998, so we can start ASAP.

Replacing the existing load-bearing beam

Existing wood beam replacement reasons

  • Most wooden beams, when exposed to the potentially humid environments of the basement or crawlspace, are prone to rot, mold, and fungus, even if properly treated
  • Wood by itself is an organic material, that tends to decompose and lose its mechanical properties over time
  • Wood is flexible, and so can slowly start to give way and bend
  • Wood is susceptible to pests, particularly termites can give it a really hard time
  • It’s just a great idea to replace an old wooden main support beam with a structural steel beam some time before it starts to give way, it’s just safer that way, and will definitely extend the lifespan of your home

Existing metal beam replacement reasons

When a structural steel main support beam of your house starts to sag, it’s time to really pay attention. Your house needs the attention of a qualified specialist, who can determine not only why the main beam decided to go saggy on you, but how to get rid of the problem once and for all.

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Replacing a main load-bearing beam is a complex job that requires a multitude of different construction specialists working together to achieve the best outcome, and to prevent the worst one. At Structural Beam, we have a well-rehearsed team of structural steel construction specialists, builders, and masons, to take the beam replacement job on!

A structural engineer and steel estimators

The main load-bearing beam bears the internal weight of your home, that’s easily from 10000 lbs onwards, and transfers it to the load-bearing walls. It needs research, careful calculation, and planning to start preparing for the job.

Inspection and considerations

House building plans are considered by the structural engineer, on-site inspection is done to access the conditions. No two sites are the same, and careful inspection by a qualified professional is the essential groundwork for the success of the beam replacement project.

Drawings and calculation

Structural load on the load-bearing beam is calculated, and new steel beam specs are determined, based on IRC building codes and local regulations, shop drawings are produced in cooperation with structural steel fabricators and erectors, along with detailed placing drawings. Placing drawings production involves our structural steel erectors, so they are completely clear on the “what and how” of the coming replacement beam job.


Steel estimators do the estimation and come up with the cost of the beam replacement job, including steel beam cost, fabrication cost, and on-site replacement works cost, which can vary. After the clarity on the costs has been achieved, you can plan the financing, and give the green light for the metal fabrication to commence.

Structural Beam offers you full raw components supply support for your project at wholesale steel I-beam prices, to help you to lower the total material costs and overall cost of your beam replacement project.

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The beam replacement job outline

Structural Beam is a reputable Chicago IL structural steel construction company, providing a comprehensive service package to homeowners. Our services include all things structural steel, and brick and concrete masonry, two options that for obvious reasons come in handy for beam replacement jobs.

During the actual beam replacement job, our builders and structural steel specialists will :

  • Install a temporary support system, depending on the situation on-site as assessed by our experienced structural engineer
  • Wood beams removal/ steel beam removal
  • Establish the footings for the beam support columns, and placement spots on the load-bearing walls for the new beam
  • Erect the new beam, level it with temporary support systems (jack-posts)
  • Erect support columns
  • Secure the columns in place, bolt or weld them onto the main beam
  • Remove the temporary support systems

Few notes on the overall process

  • The process of existing beam removal often involves numerous load-bearing walls that the beam is placed upon.
  • Wooden beams have to be removed and steel beams installed in their place.
  • The load-bearing wall might need some work done on it, like patching up and repairing, it can be done by our skilled masons.

One-stop steel beam replacement solution, by Structural Beam

It’s a great idea to do the whole thing with one contractor, Structural Beam, to have all your bases covered, and all responsibility concentrated in the same hands.

We’ve successfully done beam replacement jobs before and will be happy to do it for you. Make sure your home lives long and serves you well, order main beam replacement with us! Call 773-917-8998 today, and let’s get it going!

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