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Metal support beam works great in a variety of residential applications.
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    Get Metal Support Beam for Your Residential Chicago Project

    Metal support beam works great in a variety of residential applications. Order yours for your Chicago project, call 773-917-8998 today!

    Metal Support Beam: Order for Structural Applications in Chicago, IL

    Structural steel beam’s appearance completely changed the construction industry forever. Outstanding mechanical properties of structural steel, combined with the smart shape of the hot-rolled I-beam, contribute to the superb load-bearing and free-spanning capacities of metal support beams. Benefit your project by utilizing these benefits, with the help of Structural Beam!

    For the critical structural applications

    Amazing qualities and superb weight-to-strength qualities of the metal support beam make it shine the most in the most critical structural applications in residential construction.

    Main beam, or basement beam

    The main steel support beam of the house, or the basement beam, is one of those critical applications for steel support beams. A wide flange steel beam, bearing a heavy load of the floor and live loads of everything on it, works great for that application.

    Main beam installation/replacement package

    Structural Beam is offering to the homeowners a whole range of main beam-related services, including main beam designing, fabrication, replacement, and main beam installation:

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    Metal support beam instead of a load-bearing wall

    Another critical structural application for a metal support beam, that helps to improve your property, make it more livable and increase its market value.

    Structural Beam will install a beam instead of the load-bearing wall, so you can create an open-plan living space, breathing new life into your favorite home. Wholesale steel beam prices will help to make your project more affordable.

    Metal deck support beam

    Structural Beam is a fully capable one-stop contractor to take on the metal deck designing, fabrication, and erection project. The metal support beam for the metal deck will be fabricated and installed by our stellar structural steel fabrication team, in the controlled conditions of the workshop environment, and according to the structural steel fabrication industry’s best practices.

    Our structural engineer and our legal and regulatory compliance team will make sure that all the replacement/installation projects will be done in accordance with all the relevant building codes, and local regulations.

    Metal porch support beam

    Our steel beams have good machinability, corrosion resistance, and weldability properties.
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    We offer the following services
    On-site job measuring and manufacture!
    Supply & fabrication of structural steelwork
    Custom metal fabrication
    Full site installation with qualified tradespeople
    Ceiling metal support beam

    If you’d like to replace or install a new ceiling metal support beam, Structural Beam can help with that, too. A new ceiling beam, complete with ceiling joists, will be manufactured and installed by our qualified professionals. Call us today at 773-917-8998, tell us about your upcoming ceiling beam installation project!

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    Whether you are looking for steel support beams, or metal support columns, use Structural Beam, your local Chicago IL one-stop structural steel solutions provider with brick and concrete masonry capabilities. We are a reputable company with a high returning customer rate, we’ll make sure your upcoming metal support beam installation project is a success! Call 773-917-8998, let’s see how we can be of help!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are steel support beams called?

    Main beam, basement beam, main support beam, beam girder, there are quite a few names that steel support beams go by. Steel support beams are designated depending on their place in the building, and their function. The girder beam, for example, serves as a support for the floor joists. Basement beam, or the main support beam, is found in the basement.

    How long can a steel support beam be?

    Since W-beam is most often used for the steel support beam fabrication is a built-up beam, unlike I-beams, or S-beams, it doesn’t have a length limit. However, the structural steel engineer is to calculate and select appropriate specs of the W-beam, lb/ft ratio for the span specified in the architect’s drawings.

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