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Steel Beam Installation Cost
The cost of steel beams is a significant part of a structural steel construction project’s overall cost.
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    Best Steel Beam Prices for Your Project in Chicago!

    Get to know the true cost of steel beam — best steel beam prices by Structural Beam! Call 773-917-8998 today for a free price quote!

    Get Wholesale Steel Beam Prices for Your Project|Structural Beam

    The cost of steel beams is a significant part of a structural steel construction project’s overall cost. Structural Beam offers you wholesale steel beam prices for the project you decide to do with us. This way, you can reduce the cost of your construction project! Call us at 773-917-8998 for the details.

    Structural steel beams, saving you time and money

    Compared to traditional wood beams, and their modern alternatives, like laminated veneer lumber, etc., structural steel beams offer a more economical, eco-friendly solution for various residential and commercial building construction applications.

    There are ways to max out the benefits, particularly if you are building a private home, and you are on the billing side of things. Structural Beam is offering you a comprehensive solution for eliminating all your steel beam prices concerns.

    Exact detailing and estimation

    Knowing the exact amount of different steel beams is quite a task, even for a professional fabricator, let alone a layperson. Our professional and experienced structural steel estimators will do exact detailing and estimation for your metal fabrication order, so you’ll have a clear idea of the overall project’s cost. Forget about “online calculator” guesswork, save your time and money by choosing Structural Beam’s structural steel estimation service!

    Structural steel beams supply support

    We offer you full support in procuring the steel beam supplies for your fabrication or manufacturing project, at the price we ourselves get from the leading wholesale suppliers.

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      Great pricing for renovation / replacement / installation projects

      A private house owner can greatly benefit from our comprehensive service package, see the benefits and call us today at 773-917-8998 for more information. These are the benefits to be ripped by using our one-stop structural steel beams service:

      • Save money on the average cost of materials, often the fabrication leftovers can be utilized in small project manufacturing. We might just have that right-sized steel I-beam leftover lying around at the fabrication shop’s storage so that the new lintel you are looking to install can be manufactured at a very little raw material cost
      • Structural steel retailers buy steel I-beams by weight, but sell steel I-beams per linear foot. By getting your structural steel members fabricated by Structural Beam, you’ll get the wholesale steel beam prices even for small orders. Just paying true steel beam cost, without spending undue amounts on retail steel I-beam costs
      • Both complex and simple installation of a new can be done by our qualified steel erectors and brick and concrete masons as a part of a package solution
      • If you are looking to get a support beam for your house, we’ll calculate how much does it cost to fabricate and install it with our qualified workforce, in a truly seamless way

      Benefits of steel beams for building construction industry

      Lower average construction project length

      The use of structural steel beams and steel-framed construction helps to greatly reduce on-site labor costs, and really speed up the erection of commercial and residential buildings.

      Our steel beams have good machinability, corrosion resistance, and weldability properties.
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      We have many years of experience in steel beam works and provide all relevant services for projects in Chicago. Here's how it works:
      Project Requirements Assessment
      We work on building to assess steel beams for current and future loadings.
      Material Resourcing
      Different steel beams exist for various purposes. We have the resources and capabilities to ensure that you get the beams you need exactly when you need.
      Safe, fast, quality-assured installation
      The erection of structural steelwork consists of the assembly of steel components
      Frequently Asked Questions

      How much does a load bearing steel beam cost?

      A load-bearing beam cost is calculated after the detailing and estimation are done by qualified specialists, and will include the cost of raw materials, cost of labor to fabricate the load-bearing steel beam to the specs from the blueprint, hope you’ve got one. If not, consider using our steel designing and engineering service!

      What does a 12 foot steel beam weigh?

      The weight of a 12-foot long steel beam will depend on the specs of the beam. Different sizes of beams will have a different weight per foot. E.g., a bantam or junior beam of 12 feet will weigh approximately 22 pounds and a sturdy W-beam will weigh in at anything from 40 pounds onward.

      What size of steel beam do I need?

      The required size of a steel beam for a particular application is best determined by a qualified structural engineer, according to the IBC codes. We wholeheartedly recommend not to take it lightly and consult with a professional structural steel designer, to make sure that the resulting construction is structurally sound, and is safe to use.

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