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Structural Beam is a steel construction company and general contractor in Chicago, call us at +1 773-917-8998 today for a free estimate for your project!

Steel Construction Company And Contractor in Chicago, Il.

There’s a reason that general contractors are in high demand: they take responsibility for your project and make it all happen. There are many bases for a general contractor to cover in order to bring the project to completion. Our expert spells it out for your benefit.

The great structural steel revolution

The first city, the city of timber and stone

First, it was just masonry and carpentry. And everyone was doing just fine, or that’s what they thought, anyway. If you need a taller, larger building, you just tell masons to build another floor. The land for construction was plentiful and inexpensive.

Iron was already a part of the building construction industry by the mid 19th century. Ferrous metals, imagine that! Wrought iron was used as a construction material right here, in the Windy City, before the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

Timber burned and houses came down, hundreds of lives were lost, and the extent of the devastation was truly gruesome. This made the City Council think long and hard before coming up with new regulations for construction.

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The need for integration

As the building construction industry was being transformed, structural steel was making its way in residential and commercial construction, and at some point, it was everywhere, from that lintel beam spanning your window, integrated into brick masonry, to magnificent steel buildings with full steel frame construction. All over the country, local contractors were discovering that bringing together masonry and structural steel required a new level of integration, and that’s how the steel building contractors institute came into existence.

For residential mixed-media projects, involving concrete, structural steel, and brick masonry, there was a need for an integrated approach and an integrating intelligence, that would seamlessly bring together masonry and structural steel, organizing the concerted effort to manage the project resources efficiently and bring the building project to timely completion.

General contractor, making it all happen

So, that’s what the general contractors do: make it all happen, and happen on time. The general contractor has got to cover many bases for the construction project to be a success:

Selecting and hiring contractors

Selects and hires appropriate contractors that do the structural steel fabrication, transportation, masonry, structural steel erection, steel elements installation, insulation installation, etc. Structural Beam works both with general contractors, providing structural steel fabrication, steel erection, and masonry services, and in general contractor capacity, doing all the above.

Machinery and equipment management

The general contractor needs to make sure that all the machinery and equipment are in good working condition and are ready to be used when needed. That way, the smooth flow of the construction process is assured.

We offer the following services
On-site job measuring and manufacture!
Supply & fabrication of structural steelwork
Custom metal fabrication
Full site installation with qualified tradespeople
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Equal care for smaller projects

At Structural Beam, we take all projects equally seriously and with equal care, whether it is a large commercial property development project that we take on or a smaller contract for a private home erection or renovation.

If you are looking to have an addition to your house to be built or to have some renovations done, we’ll do our best to make sure that you are happy with the outcome. Call us today at +1 773-917-8998 and schedule a meeting with our team, for a free consultation for your project!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do steel construction companies do?

Steel construction companies provide structural steel fabrication and manufacturing services, along with steel building erection services. Some companies are capable of handling brick and concrete masonry alongside structural steel construction services. At Structural Beam, we can do both, tell us about your project today, let’s see how we can be of help.