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Steel Joist Supply in Chicago: Your Project-Specific Guide

The time has come for roofing and flooring? Structural Beam helps to get that steel joist supply in Chicago, Il.

Understand The Steel Joist Supply Nuances, Expert’s Guide To Your Benefit

Having a clear understanding of steel joist supply specifics will make your project run well and towards timely completion. Whether building a steel deck or doing flooring and roofing for your house, make sure to get it right, with our expert’s help.

Steel joists supply and fabrication

Let’s get it all cleared out from the beginning: there’s seldom “a joist” in the construction site, there’s always “the joist”.  Steel joists are always a part of flooring or roofing systems. Floors, roofs, ceilings require joists to be manufactured for this particular project after the engineering was done and the blueprints with specifications have been detailed. So, if your structural metal pursuits start to include steel joists and joist girders, it means that steel fabricators are coming into the picture and you are about to start roofing and flooring. If your project is in Chicago, Il, consider Structural Beam, your local one-stop structural steel solution providing company, call  +1 773-917-8998 today and tell us about your steel joist requirements!

Steel joists in the making

Joists are always fabricated, that’s the thing. RSJ means rolled steel joist but actually refers to structural steel beams, like I-beams, W-beams, etc. So, you are most probably not looking for “just” steel joist supply, you are actually looking for a steel joists supplier and fabricator, as simple as that.

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The variety of joists and joist-related products

Steel joists, as structural components of the building or steel structure, are as diverse as the tasks and challenges provided by different engineering solutions. There’s a broad range of various steel joist products, available for decking, roofing, and flooring. Let’s take a look at a variety of joists you might be looking to need for your construction project:

  • Standard steel joists, most commonly manufactured from I-beam, C-beam, or HSS. They are commonly used for ceiling, floors, roof, and metal deck construction.
  • Custom joists, when the special shape is required for aesthetic value or to meet that extra structural challenge
  • Special profile steel joists, when standard solutions would just not cut it
  • Joist girders, or the beams that support the joists, are often different sections of hot-rolled or cold-formed RSJ.
  • composite joists are used to support the concrete slab, composite joist is basically a bar joist for a particular structural application
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Choosing your supplier and fabricator

Girders support joists, joists rest on girders. So, your fabricator has to be apt at a wide range of structural steel fabrication, including special shapes joists, metal deck joists, floor and roof joists, ceiling joistsand girders!

Besides, there are strict standards by Steel Joist Institute (the SJT), that require quality assurance technicians to be involved in the process. You want to be really sure that those long-span joists will hold the live loads of the floor you are walking on.  Here’s what to look for in your steel joist supply provider of choice :

  • A lot of experience and practical knowledge
  • A modern fabrication workshop, in sync with the latest developments in the structural steel fabrication industry
  • Skilled and experienced ironworkers, that follow  the best practices of the metal fabrication industry
  • Legal and regulation compliance policy in place, for  the safety of the future house inhabitants
  • Streamlined structural steel products supply chain, to get those metal beams, HSS’, etc., to fabricate joists from
  • Consider a local company, that way you’ll save on transportation costs, support local business, and lighten your project’s environmental impact.
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a metal joist cost?

It depends. The price of a metal joist would differ considerably from say 10 feet long hot-rolled joist to 20 feet long bar joist. We’ll need more details, but be assured, you’ll get the full range of steel joist products, the best service, and the best price from your local, Chicago Il. steel joist supplier,  Structural Beam!

What are metal joists called?

There are many types of metal joists, so it could be an open web steel joist or bar joist, composite joist, I-beam steel deck joist. Indeed, steel joists are truly a mixed bag.

How much do steel bar joists cost?

Our steel joists have good machinability, corrosion resistance, and weldability properties.
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