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Steel Joists Installation
We are a local reputable Chicago IL company with a lot of experience in the fabrication, installation, and replacement of structural steel structures.
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Order Metal Girder Beam and Joists Installation in Chicago

If you are looking to have the metal girder beam and joists installation done, Structural Beam can do that for you. Get in touch today at 773-917-8998!

Professional Metal Girder Beam and Joists Installation in Chicago

Metal girder beams and joists are parts of the same system, be it a floor girder beam and floor joists, or a ceiling girder beam and ceiling joists. It makes total sense to have them fabricated, and installed by the same company. We do metal girder beam and joist replacements, too! For metal girder beam and joists installation for your project in Chicago IL, use Structural Beam!

How does the girder/joist system work

Girder beams

A metal girder beam is a structural steel support member, a main load-bearing beam of the structure, that provides support for the floor, or ceiling, joists. Girder beams are the main load-bearing horizontal support members of your home, they are supported by main load-bearing walls, and, at times, by structural steel columns (support posts).

Floor and ceiling joists

Joists are secondary support beams that are in turn supported by the girder beam. Joists are made of structural steel beams of a lower lb/ft ratio. They get to bear the weight of the floor, or the ceiling and transfer it to the main (girder) beam. Girder beams, in turn, transfer that load to the load-bearing wall, and/or support posts, that transfer that load further down, to the foundation.

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One-stop metal girders and joists solution

Structural Beam is offering you a comprehensive structural steel girder/joist solution, from designing to fabrication and installation, we can do it all for you, plus arrange the raw fabrication materials supply!

Structural steel beam/joist designing

Designing a sound metal girder beam/joist system requires a qualified structural engineer, and at Structural Beam we’ve got the right one for the job.

Our steel designing team will evaluate your project, and design a perfect girder/ceiling joist, or girder/floor joist assembly, fully compliant with all the relevant regulations and codes. The structural steel joists, made of steel I-beams, are a lasting, time-proven solution for both floor and ceiling.

Steel I-beam and structural steel beam supply support

Structural Beam’s comprehensive package includes the full structural steel raw materials supply support. We are always looking for ways to reduce the costs for our customers. In the case of structural steel fabrication projects, the price of the raw components is a major contributing factor to the overall cost of the project.

For all fabrication/installation projects you do with us, we will supply structural steel beams, and other metal products at the wholesale price.

Structural steel estimation

An accurate and thorough estimation of your project is done by our estimators. Materials, fabrication costs, installation costs are all figured in, so the cost of the project will not suddenly change somewhere down the line.

Metal girder/joist fabrication

All the fabrication is done by us, in our in-house well-stocked structural steel fabrication workshop, fully equipped to achieve high-quality fabrication outcomes. Our metal fabricators will make sure to fabricate precisely, according to the blueprints provided.

Masonry and Steel Structures
The more contractors you have on a project, the less control and the higher the risk.
Masonry works
We provide qualitative masonry and construction services for residential and commercial properties in Chicago. Our masonry contractors work with any style of brick, block, or stone in all different phases of construction.
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We build faster and save you money! Our team includes bricklayers and steel workers.
Steel works
Our services include the fabrication and installation of steel structures. The structures can be matched with either full masonry or wood frame structures as per the architectural drawings. We install wood or steel trusses after every floor before continuing construction on upper levels.
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Other projects
Metal girder and joist replacement service

If you are an owner of an existing home and find that the floors are starting to sag and would like to redo them, so they can serve for many years to come, make use of our metal girder and joist replacement service.

As a part of the service package, our structural engineer will examine your house’s blueprints, and perform an on-site inspection to figure out the reason for the changes that are occurring.

After the reasons are clear, you will be offered the best possible solution for the structural problem that is affecting your home.

The rest of the steps will be similar to the ones for the installation of new metal girder beams and joists. Structural Beam will work in the capacity of the general contractor, if needed, and arrange for the removal of the old floor/ceiling framing, so we can replace them with the newly fabricated girder and joists.

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We are a local reputable Chicago IL company with a lot of experience in the fabrication, installation, and replacement of structural steel structures. As such, we are enjoying an over 90% returning customers rate, please check out our portfolio. You can trust us with your home’s structural integrity, call 773-917-8998, let’s talk and figure out how we can be of help!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install a girder beam?

A girder beam, or the main load-bearing beam, has to be resting on the load-bearing walls, load-bearing columns, or both, so it can serve its function by bearing the load of your home, whilst transferring it down through the main walls, or structural steel support columns/posts.

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We have many years of experience in steel beam works and provide all relevant services for projects in Chicago. Here's how it works:
Project Requirements Assessment
We work on building to assess steel beams for current and future loadings.
Material Resourcing
Different steel beams exist for various purposes. We have the resources and capabilities to ensure that you get the beams you need exactly when you need.
Safe, fast, quality-assured installation
The erection of structural steelwork consists of the assembly of steel components