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    Get Structural Steel Supplies Retail, for Wholesale Price!

    At Structural Beam in Chicago IL, we do structural steel supplies for your fabrication order, at wholesale price! Call 773-917-8998 for price inquiries!

    Get Structural Steel Supplies for Your Project—at Wholesale Price!

    Structural Beam is not offering you to buy steel products. We are offering you something much better. A comprehensive, one-stop service for all your structural steel needs, steel supplies included. We buy structural steel products at wholesale prices and offer you to save on metal supplies, by providing steel products for your fabrication project, at wholesale price! Call Structural Beam today at 773-917-8998, so we can start planning your structural steel construction project together!

    Start saving from the beginning

    “Buy by the pound, sell by the foot”, so the motto of the structural steel retailers goes. Getting structural steel supplies for your project can cost you an arm and a leg if you are buying it off the steel retailers.

    Surely, they have to cover their costs, namely keeping the warehouse full of structural steel products, taking regular inventory of the metal stock, managing warehouse space allocation, loading, and unloading, and don’t forget that forklift. And who’s paying?

    Top-quality structural steel at highly competitive prices!
    If you need structural steel beams for your building construction, contact Structural Beam today. We provide high-quality steel products at fair prices to small building firms and private customers in Chicago.
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    Buying at wholesale price, providing at wholesale price

    We work with the leading wholesale structural steel supply companies in the U.S. and have long-established relationships with them. This allows us to get top-quality structural steel products at wholesale prices.

    In turn, we offer our customers to rip the benefit of wholesale price structural steel supplies, whilst buying in the exact takeoff quantity, required for their projects.

    Save on streamlined logistics and transportation

    You won’t have to pay for transportation, loading, and unloading of structural steel products, either. C-channels, I-beams, and other metal products we need to fabricate your order will arrive at our warehouse, or directly to our structural steel fabrication shop. This way, we’ll be able to start fabricating the same day, without delays, to complete the metal fabrication stage on time and pass the baton to our structural steel erectors.

    The wide range of quality structural steel products, in one place

    If your project needs it, we’ve got it! Or will get in in the shortest time possible. For you, our customers, us having streamlined access to a wide range of structural steel products equals no delays in fabrication ever, and no need to look for supplies elsewhere. Here’s the list of structural steel products we supply:

    Quality Workmanship. Contact One Of Our Estimators.
    The cost of structural steel is typically composed of four main components – raw material, fabrication, delivery, and erection on site.
    Structural Beam’s estimation team will calculate the right price quote for your project, including the cost of raw components, accessories, fabrication, and the cost of the erection/installation.
    Structural steel prices
    Structural Beam estimators calculate the costs of labor that are going to go into the fulfillment of customers’ orders, including welders, ironworkers, and erection costs.
    Cost of Steel Beams
    In case of renovation, rebuilding, or remodeling, Structural Beam is offering concrete and brick masonry services too. Our estimators can include the cost of masonry works into the detailed overall project’s price estimate.
    Steel beams calculator
    At Structural Beam, we are happy to do it for you!

    We are always one click away, reachable through our website, please use the form. Or, even better, call us today at 773-917-8998 for more information. We’ll be happy to be of service, and promise to do a great job and help you to save a lot of money on your structural steel construction project! Hey, remember, we do masonry, too!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is steel structure construction?

    Steel structure construction is a construction made of structural steel members, like beams, columns, etc., assembled by bolting, riveting, and welding into a rigid frame.

    What are structural steel products?

    Structural steel products are beams, columns, plates, trusses, to name a few, made of mild carbon structural steel, like ASTM A36. Structural steel products are used in the building construction industry for their superior mechanical properties, low cost, and high strength-to-weight ratios.

    What metal is used for structural purposes in construction?

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    We are proud to have created a range of different structures using steel as the main building material.

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