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Structural Beam provides expert structural beam fabrication services for your projects in Chicago IL. Call today at  773-917-8998 for a free estimate!

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At Structural Beam, we’ve got all it takes to provide high-quality structural steel fabrication services at a great price. From raw components that we get at wholesale prices to our professional, educated, and experienced structural steel fabrication team, everything helps us to achieve the best outcomes for our customers. Call us today and let’s find out, how can we be of help in your structural steel fabrication project.

Raw materials supply

Every structural steel fabrication project requires raw materials: structural columns and beams of various sections and specs, good choice of HSSs, structural steel plate and steel bars, stainless steel products.

Structural steel products must be readily available and come at a reasonable price. Structural Beam gets fabrication supplies from the leading structural steel wholesaling companies. It enables us to offer you structural steel products your metal fabrication project requires for successful completion, and at a very reasonable price.

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If you need structural steel beams for your building construction, contact Structural Beam today. We provide high-quality steel products at fair prices to small building firms and private customers in Chicago.
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Structural Beam's workshop

The structural steel fabrication process is a multifaceted process, and having a current, well-equipped modern workshop is a crucial prerequisite for it to take place.

Our structural steel manufacturing and fabrication workshop is complete with different tools of the trade, from most basic hammers and saws to CNC-operating cutting equipment, laser cutters, and plasma torches, it is a perfect setup for fabricating structural steel according to the best practices of steel fabricators. It’s here where high-quality structural steel fabrications take place, without cutting any technological corners due to the lack of required equipment. The only corners that are cut in our metal fabrication workshop are the ones designated in the shop drawings.

Structural Beam’s steel fabricators team

Our structural steel and miscellaneous steel fabricators are qualified and experienced ironworkers and welders. They stay current on the best practices of metal fabrication and have all required qualifications, supported by appropriate certification.

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The structural steel fabrication process, our way

Shop drawings, steel fabricator’s map

To successfully fabricate structural and miscellaneous steel elements and structures, our steel fabrication specialists work with our engineer, erectors, and building construction project’s architect to produce detailed shop drawings.

Shop drawings are the structural steel fabrication map, the blueprint of the steel members to manufacture, and structures and elements to fabricate.

Structural Beam’s engineers and fabricators have a lot of experience working together, they are a well-practiced and well-rehearsed team, capable of producing highly-detailed shop drawings.

Structural steel fabrication, a glimpse in the workshop

It’s busy in Structural Beam’s metal fabrication workshop.

You’ll probably see ironworkers cutting structural steel products to the predefined sizes, finishing the cuts, punching holes, and notching, using saws, plasma torches, and CNC cutters.

You’ll see them bending structural steel to shape, doing repetitive bending to ease the steel into the required shape, and doing yet more repetitive bending, a little bit at once, not to compromise the steel’s structural integrity.

You’ll see steelworkers finishing the single pieces, and then assembling elements from several pieces by riveting. You’ll see our certified welders, utilizing various professional welding equipment and appropriate welding techniques to weld together large fabricated sections from several pre-manufactured elements.

It’s busy in Structural Beam’s metal fabrication workshop, and no wonder, just consider the range of products we fabricate here.

Our steel beams have good machinability, corrosion resistance, and weldability properties.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is structural steel fabrication?

Structural steel fabrication is a process of creating structural steel members and structures like trusses, beams, columns, joists, and girders from raw components like structural steel beams, columns, HSS, etc.

What does a structural steel fabricator do?

A structural steel fabricator is engaged in the structural steel fabrication process, doing cutting, riveting, punching, shaping, welding, etc.

What is steel fabrication work?

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