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There are lots of structural steel suppliers out there. You’ve got to choose the right one, to save your efforts, money, and your most precious time.

We provide comprehensive and expert one-stop service here, locally in the Chicago, Il area- structural steel’s own launchpad to the top-material position of modern times. It’s our privilege to introduce you to structural steel’s history — and supply you with top structural steel solutions in the market.

The history of structural steel — the history of the industrial revolution

Before the advent of steel construction, other types of structural metal were in use — wrought and cast iron was used starting from the mid-eighteenth century.

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What is structural steel?

Structural steel is a type of steel used in different industrial applications – construction, manufacturing, etc. It has to be standardized both for dimensional tolerances and chemical composition. ASTM International manages steel grade regulations in the U.S.

Essentially, structural steel is steel as a building material for your home. We have all types of structural steel for sale near you, in the Chicago, Il area. Call 773-917-8998 today to get a free quote!

What is the most common structural steel?

ASTM A36 is, by far, the most common structural steel used in residential construction — and the one we most often supply and use in our fabrication and construction projects. Its features include:

  • A36 basic composition has less than 0.3% carbon content, which makes it low carbon steel
  • ASTM A36 steel is designated not by its chemical composition, like other steels. Instead, it has to have very particular mechanical properties
  • A36 must meet ASTM — defined mechanical standards like minimum yield strength of 36,000 pounds per square inch for a plate
  • Tensile strength of A36 can fall in the range of 58-79.8 thousand psi

A36 is ductile enough and can elongate up to 20% of the original length in tensile tests

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What are the common structural steel shapes we provide and work with?

What are structural steel applications in house construction?

Advantages of structural steel  in residential construction


  • Steel is non-combustible. It neither ignites nor spreads flames. Steel construction is fire-safe.
  • With proper coating, it is rust- and corrosion-resistant
  • It resists shattering due to extreme movement (earthquakes etc. )

Construction cost reduction

  • Shortening the timeline results in reduced hours of expensive labor and reduces general construction costs
  • The weight of the structure is lower than one built with concrete or wood, resulting in foundation costs decrease
  • Structural steel construction provides an opportunity to do away with columns, saving money and space
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Structural steel is sustainable!

Yes, it may come as a surprise to many — but structural steel is an incredibly sustainable construction material. Steel construction is a recyclable construction!  It sounds almost counter-intuitive to many, but hear me out :

  • U.S.-made structural steel is approximately over 90 percent recycled material, that can be recycled again and again — without loss of strength in resulting products
  • Structural steel production has a 95 percent water recycling rate
  • The steel industry has reduced its greenhouse emissions by 45 percent since 1975
  • Fabrication and building with structural steel make very little waste – all scrap is recyclable.

All in all, structural steel is an excellent construction material for your home and the go-to choice for modern building construction. We are one-stop suppliers and fabricators of structural steel in the Chicago, Il area. Get in touch, call 773-917-8998  and receive a free quote for all your structural steel needs today!

 Getting hold of that structural steel, the better way

There are lots of advantages for you in using structural steel as a building material. Steel structures are durable, low-maintenance cost, and fast to erect. How do you get a hold of it? There are basically two ways to do it :

You google “steel shop near me” or “online metal store”, just to find out that it is actually way more expensive to buy structural steel at retail places, be it an online store or an actual, hardcore old-school steel shop. Besides, often you’ll be offered to buy a whole beam, all 40 feet of it. And you were just looking to install that lintel over your kitchen window.

The second way, and that’s the real trick- is to contact your local, one-stop steel solutions provider in your area, like Structural Beam, if you happen to be in Chicago, Il.

Then, you are free from an obligation of buying a 40 feet long I-beam, and instead can order fabrication and automatically get the exact sizes of beam you want, cut with precision. And so it is with other structural steel products. Choose smart, choose Structural Beam and one-stop structural steel solution we are offereing – fabrication, restoration, installation of all types of structural steel members for your home. Call  773-917-8998 and tell us about your structural steel project to receive a free consultation and a price quote, today!