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Metal External Fire Escape Stairs
Fire escape stairs
Metal fire escape staircase is an essential component of a building and is required by law to be there.
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Order High-Quality Legally-Compliant Metal Fire Escape Stairs

Whether you are building a multi-family unit, an apartment building, or developing a commercial property, safety is of paramount importance. Metal fire escape staircase is an essential component of a building and is required by law to be there. At Structural Beam, we can offer you a one-stop metal fire escape staircase package solution, call us today at 773-917-8998 for more information and a free price quote!

For the sake of public safety

External fire escape staircases have been around for a while, and iron alloys have been a material of choice, for obvious reasons. It allowed the creation of structurally sound external fire safety arrangements that were naturally fire-resistant.

Building owners were obliged by the law to maintain public safety by installing the metal fire escape stairs, and the first options of materials they had weren’t particularly brilliant.

Wrought and cast iron

Initially wrought iron and cast iron were the materials of choice. A vulnerable material, at that, when exposed to water, which is always the case with external fire escape stairs. Fire stairs required a lot of inspections, maintenance, and repair, and were prone to sudden failure, due to the brittleness of the wrought and cast iron.

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Metal fire escape staircase types

There are two legally-compliant metal fire escape staircase types, spiral stair, and straight stairs, and applications are different.

Spiral fire escape staircase

A spiral staircase is a fully functional means of fire egress, well suited for multi-family units. Does the job well, providing the occupants with the means of safe exit in case of a fire. Spiral stairs are compact and have a very modest footprint, so to speak. This makes them perfect for smaller residential applications, like multi-family units.

Straight fire escape staircase

A sturdier, and more reliable option for larger numbers of occupants leaving the building in case of a fire, best suited for residential apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and office buildings.

Legal and regulatory compliance matters

For public safety reasons, metal fire escape stairs are strictly regulated by various local and federal laws, rules, IRC codes, and regulations. So is the metal fire escape stairs fabrication and erection, it’s better done by reputable, legally compliant, experienced local structural steel designers, fabricators, and erectors.

Structural Beam’s metal fire escape service package

Structural Beam is a reputable, local Chicago IL company, that works in the capacity of all-things-structural steel contractor with raw materials supply support, and masonry capabilities.

If you are a commercial property developer or general contractor, we can offer you a truly comprehensive, one-stop metal fire escape package.

Metal fire escape design

Let us know your requirements, and our structural engineers and structural steel designers will design a fully-compliant metal custom fire escape staircase, complete with railings, handrails, steps, and landings.

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We offer the following services
On-site job measuring and manufacture!
Supply & fabrication of structural steelwork
Custom metal fabrication
Full site installation with qualified tradespeople
Structural steel fabrication

Our experienced structural steel fabricators will work with the steel designers, preparing the shop drawings, so the fabrication can be precise, and the erection process will go uninterrupted, without the need for any on-site alterations.

The fabrication of the metal fire escape stairs will be done, complete with platforms, railings, handrails, steps, etc., according to the shop drawings.

Metal fire escape stairs erection

Structural Beam’s structural steel erection team will work alongside structural steel designers and metal fabricators, to create exact placement drawings, so the erection of your metal fire escape stairs will go smoothly.

Our steel erection team has a lot of experience and a great portfolio to show. They will do a great job installing your metal fire escape staircase, in full accordance with all relevant regulations.

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