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Metal Outdoor Stairs Fabrication and Installation, by Structural Beam

Outdoor metal stairs are reliable, stylish, and require minimal maintenance. Structural steel outdoor stairs will have a long service life, due to the many advantages that structural steel provides. Looking to get some for your construction project in Chicago IL? Get yours from Structural Beam, your provider of choice for all things miscellaneous metal, call 773-917-8998 and rip the benefits of working with the best!

Steel outdoor stairs, perfect solution

Outdoor metal stairs are a great solution for many construction ideas, that involve outdoor stairs, or staircases. Aesthetically pleasant, and super-sturdy outdoor metal stairs, that you can trust the well-being of your family and guests, can be used as:

  • metal front stairs
  • outdoor metal porch stairs
  • steel outdoor patio stairs
  • metal walkway stairs for apartment buildings, or multi-family units
  • splendid apartment building metal main staircases
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Structural steel, great material for outdoor stairs

Structural Beam’s miscellaneous steel team experts know everything about using structural steel for residential and commercial property construction projects. Here’s the list of the major pluses of structural steel usage for outdoor metal stairs production.

Resistant to the elements

In Chicago’s climate, any kind of outdoor stairs is subject to all sorts of weather influences. During the hot and humid period, it’s water, sun, and heat. During the winter, it’s freezing/defrosting cycles and snow.

Outdoor metal stairs are way superior to any kind of lumber outdoor stairs because the structural steel they are made of is not affected by sun exposure, changes in air temperature, and humidity. With modern powder coating, steel exterior stairs are impervious to water and rust.

Not affected by lumber’s usual maladies

Let’s face it, where’s humidity, there’s a good chance for even treated lumber to develop dry rot, fungus, or mold. The probability of that happening is very high for outdoor wooden stairs in the Chicago area, due to high humidity during the summer. Get yourself outdoor metal stairs by Structural Beam, and forget about repairing and replacing exterior stairs.

In outdoor applications, it’s important that termites, rodents, and other natural enemies of wood don’t undermine your exterior stairs’ structural stability, and your safety. Installation of outdoor metal stairs will rid you of the pest-related worries, once and for all.

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Structural Beam's outdoor metal stairs one-stop solution

Whether you’ve only got ideas, or already have the blueprints of your metal stairs, Structural Beam’s miscellaneous steel team is ready to help you to get those perfect outdoor metal stairs fabricated, and will install it, too! Let us walk you through the steps of getting exterior metal stairs for your project:

  • If you’ve got the blueprints for your metal stairs, just upload them into the form on our website, and our miscellaneous steel estimation specialist will get back to you with a price quote, as simple as that!
  • If you only have an idea of how your outdoor metal stairs should be, get in touch with us by calling 773-917-8998 today, and get a free consultation for your project. Our miscellaneous steel designers can design IBC-compliant steel stars for your outdoor project
  • Have the estimation done by Structural Beam’s team, with on-site inspection, if needed, to get a clear picture of the costs and length of the project, before starting it
  • Structural Beam’s miscellaneous metal fabricators will fabricate a perfect set of outdoor metal stairs in our well-stocked professional metal fabrication workshop, using all the appropriate technologies to assure the highest quality of fabrication and lasting life for your outdoor steel stairs
  • Structural Beam’s miscellaneous metal installation team will install the outdoor metal stairs, according to the precise placement drawings, to make sure installation goes smoothly
  • Structural Beam will arrange for all the raw materials supply for the fabrication, at the wholesale price! This is a unique offering, that helps to save considerably on the overall cost of the project!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an outdoor metal staircase cost?

We’ll need more information to give you a precise answer! If you have blueprints ready, upload them using the form on our website, and our miscellaneous steel estimators will get back to you with the price estimate! If you don’t have any blueprints yet, or looking for someone to design a great set of outdoor metal stairs, call us today at 773-917-8998, to receive a free consultation, and a free cost estimate!

Where to get high-quality outdoor metal stairs near me in Chicago IL?

Structural Beam is a reputable, Chicago IL based structural steel company, with many successfully accomplished projects, and a high returning customer rate! Get your outdoor metal stairs fabricated and installed by us, and be sure you are getting the highest quality for a good price!

Why use custom metal stairs?

Only the custom-made metal stairs will be the best fit for your project since they are custom-made to particular specifications. If you’d like your steel external stairs to be dependable, maintain structural stability, and fit well with the aesthetics of your home, patio, or commercial property, choose custom made outdoor metal stairs!