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Metal Deck Railing
The steel deck railing, or miscellaneous metal railing, is by far the most cost-effective option out there.
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Looking for a custom metal deck railing for your deck? Structural Beam can design, manufacture and install it for you! Call 773-917-8998 for a free quote!

Need a Metal Deck Railing for Your Project? Call Structural Beam!

Designed and made specifically for your metal deck project, a custom steel railing is a thing of both beauty and function. Order custom metal railing fabrication and installation in Chicago, IL, by Structural Beam, call 773-917-8998 today for a free consultation!

Perfect function, perfect form

Metal deck railing materials

There are various materials used for metal railing fabrication: mild structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum. Mild structural steel products, like HSSs, bars, perforated plates are Structural Beam’s choice, and there are good reasons for this:

  • Steel deck railings are stronger than aluminum railings
  • Steel deck railings, properly protected by powder coating, are way more corrosion-resistant than wrought iron ones
  • Steel deck railings are powder-coated in colors of your choosing and blend well with the overall style of your deck and its surroundings
  • Structural steel deck railing requires virtually zero maintenance and retains its structural integrity for a very long time
  • Metal railings with picket infills are super-safe for kids and pets
  • Perforated plate infill allows for extra privacy
  • Stainless steel cable rails are slick-looking, this type of railing system consists of top rail and cables running through the holes in the poles. Alas, not great for kids’ and animals’ safety. Cable railing is harder to maintain, as well

Prefab or custom? The choice is obvious

When planning for a metal deck railing, there are two options available. You can either go with prefab railings, available in the market or go for the custom-made ones. Let’s take a look and see what are the advantages and drawbacks.

Prefab factory-made metal deck railing

Readily available, factory-made railings come in different styles and price ranges. There are, of course, limitations:

  • Only a limited number of rail styles are available
  • Specs of the raw materials prefab railing were fabricated from are predetermined, often pre-fabs are a tad flimsy
  • Types of mounting may not fit well with your architect’s ideas
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Miscellaneous steel products
We manufacture miscellaneous steel products for all types of construction. Here are some of them:
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Choose a steel staircase for your home or building to add modern style. Our expert staircase manufacturer will ensure the greatest product!
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Steel Handrails
Steel handrails bring in an aesthetic look to your home and commercial complex.
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Steel Porches
Fabricators and installers of steel porches. You can't go wrong when you hire the right porch contractors.
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Steel Balconies
Custom commercial grade steel balconies for a condominium in Chicago.
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We offer the following services
On-site job measuring and manufacture!
Supply & fabrication of structural steelwork
Custom metal fabrication
Full site installation with qualified tradespeople
Custom deck railing package solution by Structural Beam

The best and the easiest way is to order everything in one place, in the same style and materials. If you are in the process of choosing a miscellaneous steel contractor for your metal deck project, or metal porch project, Structural Beam can do that for you!

If you already have an existing metal deck in Chicago, IL, and are looking for a miscellaneous steel contractor to fabricate and install matching custom metal deck railing, let me walk you through the process of having it done by Structural Beam.

Metal deck railing designing

If you don’t yet have the blueprints for custom metal deck railing, our professional miscellaneous steel designer is there to help. We will produce the blueprints for our miscellaneous steel fabricators. If you are looking to get matching metal rails for the metal deck’s staircase, our designer will help to create the drawings for them, too.

Fabrication drawings and estimation

Our fabricators and designer will produce exacting shop drawings. Based on the takeoff for your fabrication project, Structural Beam’s estimators will come up with an exact cost of the project, so you can be clear on the price from the beginning.

Metal deck railing fabrication

Your deck rail will be fabricated in our well-appointed professional metal fabrication workshop, with attention to detail, using the best practices of the trade. We’ve done many successful fabrication projects, please see our portfolio.

Metal deck railing installation

Our miscellaneous metal installation workers will have your new metal deck railings installed. Since steel erectors are in the loop early, they have already worked out all the details with the engineer and fabricators, and have exacting placement drawings at the ready, so the installation will go smoothly.

Structural Beam is a reputable local company with a high rate of returning customers. We’ve got a big portfolio of successful metal fabrication and erection projects. Order metal railing from Structural Beam today, call us at 773-917-8998, and tell us about your project!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build a metal deck railing?

Metal deck railing is fabricated in a factory, or in the metal fabricator’s workshop if it’s a custom metal deck railing. It is then installed in place by qualified professionals to make sure the railing is safe to use.

How much does it cost to install a metal porch railing?

The exact cost of a particular metal porch railing installation project depends on many factors. We will need more details, please upload your blueprints by using the form on our website, and we’ll get back to you with a free price quote.

What is the most cost effective deck railing?

The steel deck railing, or miscellaneous metal railing, is by far the most cost-effective option out there. Professionally fabricated and installed, powder-coated custom steel deck railing is a definite winner in the long run, since it requires little maintenance, looks great, and can serve you for decades.

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