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Steel Building Kits for Your Property Development Project in Chicago

Metal building kits offer many benefits to property developers. Prefab buildings allow to cut construction costs without compromising on quality and are an attractive alternative to masonry walls and wooden frames. Steel building kit comes complete with beams, columns, joists, trusses, and all the accessories required to erect the metal building structure. Structural Beam is a manufacturer and supplier of the factory – and custom-made steel building kits, call today at 773-917-8998 to find out what we’ve got to offer!

Kit building system advantages

Steel frame home kits invention changed the construction industry for good, and now both homeowners and property developers are ripping the advantages that steel building kits provide:

  • Pre-engineered rigid frame, made of structural steel members, provides for easy assembly and super-fast erection of steel structure buildings, be it metal barns, storage buildings, metal garages, or steel homes
  • Steel frame home kits are affordable for the end consumers
  • Variability of purpose is stunning, from metal garage kits, metal barn kits, to metal home building packages, and metal building kits for commercial property development
  • Green building compliance for ecology savvy end consumers, and to preserve the environment. Steel building kits in the U.S. are made of 90% of recycled steel and put little pressure on the environment, by creating nearly no waste on the construction site
  • All the benefits of structural steel as a material for steel framing: imperviousness to pests, rot, mold, and elements, natural fire resistance, superior strength-to-weight ratio.
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Masonry and Steel Structures
The more contractors you have on a project, the less control and the higher the risk.
Masonry works
We provide qualitative masonry and construction services for residential and commercial properties in Chicago. Our masonry contractors work with any style of brick, block, or stone in all different phases of construction.
In one hand! In one company
We build faster and save you money! Our team includes bricklayers and steel workers.
Steel works
Our services include the fabrication and installation of steel structures. The structures can be matched with either full masonry or wood frame structures as per the architectural drawings. We install wood or steel trusses after every floor before continuing construction on upper levels.
Going custom with Structural Beam

Custom or DIY steel building kits?

Both options are good, let’s see the differences and advantages each provides:

Factory-made DIY steel building kits

Сold-formed DIY steel building kits, with factory customization options, have the advantage of immediate availability and can be indeed assembled on the construction site by the homeowners, thus saving them money and time.

When you buy a factory prefab steel building kit, there’s no need to spend anything on designer services. And, that is the main limitation of DIY steel structure building packages: a limited number of options and designs available in the market.

Custom-made steel frame home kits

Custom-fabricated steel frame home kits, and custom-made commercial property steel building kits, on the contrary, provide full freedom of expression:

  • Custom design makes your building project unique, and allows you to express your architectural ideas, and create a living space to your liking, or to the liking of your clients if you are a property developer
  • Custom manufacturing and fabrication of all the structural steel members, like beams, columns, joists, and trusses allows you to choose, how sturdy you’d like your metal buildings to be, and choose the custom height, width, and depth of the steel framing, best suited for the need of this particular project
  • Custom-made prefab steel buildings, erected by our qualified structural steel erectors, have greater value due to longer life expectancy and offer a greater degree of structural stability, that can be adjusted on the stage of the design, according to the needs of your clients
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Steel building kits manufacturing and fabrication, Structural Beam's way

Design and engineering

For your commercial, or residential property development project, Structural Beam can offer structural steel designing services. Get in touch today by calling 773-917-8998, to give us more information on the steel building kits you would like us to fabricate for you, we’ll take it from there!

Steel estimation and detailing

Whether you have already got the blueprints and diagrams elsewhere, or are just about to get them done by our structural steel designer, Structural Beam’s estimators will calculate the takeoff for your development project, and come up with an exact overall cost for the project, be it an only fabrication of your desired steel building kits, or the full cost of fabrication and erection.

Get all supplies, at wholesale steel prices

Structural Beam provides all the raw materials for the fabrication, at wholesale steel prices! This will help to significantly curtail the overall project’s cost.

Pro manufacturing and fabrication of your steel building kit

Highly professional custom manufacturing and fabrication of structural members for your steel building kit will be done in Structural Beam’s own well-stocked structural steel fabrication workshop. To assure fabrication precision, our fabricators will use structural designers’ help to create exact fabrication shop drawings.

Erection of steel structure building

Whether it’s a factory-made steel building kit or a custom-made one by Structural Beam, we recommend using our steel erection service, to assure lasting structural integrity and stability of the steel framing structures. Our erectors have successfully accomplished many steel frame kit erection projects, please see our portfolio. Choosing to use Structural Beam’s steel building kit erection services, you can be sure you are getting the best job done for the cheapest price, Rip the benefits, call 773-917-8998 today to start your project with a free consultation!

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Trust and Responsibility The trust of our clients is priceless. Therefore, we pull together to meet the demands of our clients and ensure they get the most out of our cooperation. We uphold trust principles and know that only a precise and straightforward approach may help to win the hearts of people.
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We have many years of experience in steel beam works and provide all relevant services for projects in Chicago. Here's how it works:
Project Requirements Assessment
We work on building to assess steel beams for current and future loadings.
Material Resourcing
Different steel beams exist for various purposes. We have the resources and capabilities to ensure that you get the beams you need exactly when you need.
Safe, fast, quality-assured installation
The erection of structural steelwork consists of the assembly of steel components