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How Much Does Metal Framing Cost?
Metal Framing Cost – in 2022
Installing metal framing for a house has an average cost of approximately $8 to $13 a square foot.
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To figure out an exact cost of a metal framing project for steel frame buildings construction, metal estimators and detailers have to factor in many factors, to come up with the overall project’s cost estimate. Structural Beam’s expert spells it all out for you, read on to get a firm grip on the steel framing price, and call 773-917-8998 to order structural steel estimation services for your Chicago property development project!

Steel framing costs, spelled out

Cost of steel required to fabricate all the structural members, the labor cost of man-hours at the fabrication workshop, manufacturing equipment usage costs, price of logistics, heavy machinery like lift, crane, etc. usage price, the labor costs of erection gang, and other project-specific expenses. Let’s take a look at the major factors, contributing to the costs of your property development project.

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Estimating the takeoff

Takeoff importance

The metal framing construction project starts with structural steel detailing and takeoff. It is similar to the wood framing costs takeoff estimation, but instead of lumber quantities, and lumber prices, it’s all about steel.

The importance of this stage is the financial clarity it brings before the project can commence. The quantity takeoff requires the detailing and estimating of the raw materials needed to complete the project. Structural Beam’s estimators will review the plans for the project, the blueprints, and the diagrams provided by the structural steel designers and engineers.

What is included in takeoff

By detailing the plans, our estimation team will establish an accurate takeoff of raw materials, required for the manufacturing and fabrication of all the structural steel members used in steel-framed buildings construction. Apart from raw metal products, needed for fabrication, all other accessories and components are counted in as well, including bolts, nuts, etc. Estimating takeoffs for metal framing calls for experience and knowledge, and that’s what our steel estimators provide, along with impeccable steel estimation service.

Metal stud framing estimation

For metal stud framing takeoff costs estimation, the process is the same, but instead of calculating hot-rolled steel beams of various sizes and sections, estimators will only have to calculate the quantity and price of cold-formed structural metal studs, non-structural steel studs, and steel tracks, that are the main components of the steel stud framed buildings.

Metal framing cost, the fabrication

A considerable portion of the overall steel framing cost is the fabrication expenses. It takes many man-hours for our ironworkers to manufacture and fabricate all the structural and non-structural steel members for the future erection. If you are doing the whole project with Structural Beam, you’ll get the benefit of the seamless cooperation of different departments, working together from early on to ensure the successful completion of your construction project.

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By choosing to work with Structural Beam, property developers get to use our unique steel framing package, including all the above plus full support in the raw materials supply. We’ll be supplying all fabrication components at wholesale price, allowing our clients to save money on the materials cost.

The smooth flow of your property development project will be facilitated by seamless cooperation of all departments within just one general contractor company, Structural Beam. Call us today at 773-917-8998 for a free consultation for your project!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate steel for framing?

To calculate steel for framing, structural steel estimators and detailers have to factor in all structural steel members, to come up with exact figures of how much of each particular type of beam is required (or studs and tracks, if it’s a stud framing project). It is done using engineers’ blueprints and diagrams, and by using professional detailing software.

What is the cost of metal framing per square foot?

The cost of metal framing per square foot depends on a few factors: the type of framing since stud framing cost is different from that of traditional “columns and beams” framing, done with structural steel beams. For example, a square foot of steel stud framing will cost $5 – $10 (or $10 – $30 per linear foot).

How do I estimate the cost of framing?

To estimate the cost of framing, we suggest you use our professional structural steel estimation service since it’s nearly impossible to come up with exact quantities of raw materials required for a project of any reasonable size. Call Structural Beam today at 773-917-8998, have your blueprints ready, and we’ll provide all the information you need to get full financial clarity on the cost of your project!

Where do I find a professional steel framing cost estimation service near me in Chicago?

If your property development project is in the Chicago area, Structural Beam estimators are there to help you. Call 773-917-8998 for a free consultation today!

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