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Get Outdoor Metal Railings for Your Porch, Deck, Staircase, or Balcony.
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Get Outdoor Metal Railings in Chicago, by Structural Beam

Metal railings are perfect for all outdoor railing applications, get them fabricated and installed by Structural Beam! Call 773-917-8998 for a free quote!

Get Outdoor Metal Railings for Your Porch, Deck, Staircase, or Balcony

Outdoor metal railings are a great choice for various residential construction applications. The structural stability of steel, combined with its resistance to elements and pests, made metal railings a universal go-to solution for all things outdoors. We fabricate and install railings, made of different types of steel, providing high quality for a reasonable price. Call Structural Beam today at 773-917-8998 and tell us about your outdoors project you need us to fabricate railing for!

Outdoor metal railings, why steel?

There are a few materials choices for outdoor metal railings, and mild steel is definitively the winner if you run a comparison.

Aluminum railing

Aluminum railing is easy to come by in the world of prefab railings, but good luck with getting a custom one done. Not worth a bother, though. Aluminum is way softer than steel, is easily scratched, and never as strong as steel of the same dimensions.

Wrought iron railing

An old classic, the wrought iron railing. Rust is the enemy, and for some outdoor applications that are particularly exposed to the elements, the old wrought iron pal is way too vulnerable.

Timber railing

Wood railing. Highly impractical for outdoor applications, unless you’d like to have a new one installed once in a while. Vulnerable to the elements, pests, termites, and rot. The timber railing is prone to sudden failure.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel. A great material, definitely pricier than mild steel, and certainly a tad more brittle, but is indispensable for certain architectural styles and looks really cool. Stainless steel railing with cable infills or stainless steel picket infill railing are quite popular with architects these days, and Structural Beam can fabricate and install one for you!

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Residential outdoor metal railings applications

Structural Beam’s miscellaneous steel fabricator can fabricate outdoor metal railings for a wide range of residential applications. From designing and estimation to fabrication and installation, we’ve got it all covered. Let’s see the outdoor applications we can fulfill.

Porch steel railing

Be it a metal porch, or a masonry porch, it certainly needs a railing. A regulation has it that railings are actually mandatory for porches higher than 30 inches. Custom-fabricated from mild structural steel, or stainless steel, depending on your choice, the porch steel railing will be both stylish and functional. Also, consider getting a matching metal railing for the porch stairs.

Metal deck railing

A metal deck is a great outdoor living arrangement, and having it outfitted with matching style steel railing is a must, for the safety of people using it, and pets. A great choice for a metal deck custom railing is a classy and sturdy picket infill style, that is also safe for small kids and your doggy. Yet again, having a custom-made metal deck railing enhances its aesthetic value, and fulfills regulatory nationwide building codes regulations.

Stair railing

Any kind of outdoor staircase requires a railing or a handrail, and Structural Beam can help you with those ones, too. Metal staircase railing takes care of the safety when it’s needed the most, on the wet from the rain outdoor stairs.

We’ll have them fabricated and installed, and our miscellaneous steel fabricators fabricate stellar custom outside steps, check out our miscellaneous steel portfolio.

Balcony metal railing

The great mechanical properties of mild structural steel come in handy in case the railing is a part of your balcony. Have a sturdy yet elegant balcony metal railing manufactured and installed by Structural Beam, and it will serve you long and well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which metal is best for railing?

Mild structural steel is a great material choice for railing. It has great mechanical properties, is easy to work with, and has a very long service life. With proper powder-coating, your mild steel outdoor metal railing can serve you for decades.

How do you install a metal railing on a deck?

There are various mounting styles for metal railings, depending on the type of the deck, and the architect’s ideas. Welding is widely used for installing metal railing on metal decks, but bolting connections can be used as well.

What is the code for deck railings?

The IRC code requires guardrails to be at least 36″ high when measured from the deck surface to the top of the rail. At Structural Beam, we go by the code and make sure that our fabrications are not only safe to use, but also compliant with all relevant regulations.

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