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Residential Steel Beams
In a structural steel-framed residential building project, it’s steel beams all the way through.
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    In the wide ocean of steel beams out there, you’ll find steel beams for any application: heavy-duty industrial beams, sturdy H-piles for foundations of multi-floor condos and commercial buildings, and slimmer, yet strong ones, that are used in residential construction. At Structural Beam, we offer a comprehensive choice of beams for commercial and residential construction, call us at 773-917-8998 to order some, today!

    Beams to build your home with

    Structural steel beams offer a great alternative to other bulkier and heavier building materials, which also tend to take up much internal space of your house, like bricks, concrete masonry units, or concrete walls.

    Steel beams offer fire and rot-resistance, making them superior to traditionally used timber. They have a superior strength-to-weight ratio, compared to concrete beams. No wonder structural steel beams became a true backbone of the modern residential construction industry, considering affordable steel beam prices, that help to reduce overall material costs of the construction project, and many advantages over other materials they offer.

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    Types of steel beams, common in residential construction

    The types of structural steel beams that are most used in residential construction are steel I-beams (S-beams and junior beams included), W-beams, H-beams, L-beams, or angle beams, C-channel beams, and T-section beams.

    Size-wise, the largest beams you’ll find in your average structural steel residential applications are approximately 4-6 inches in depth, with flanges up to 8 inches wide. We are talking about the main support beams here, but in some cases, the sizes can be greater, depending on the weight that particular beam is to bear.

    Common steel beam applications in residential construction

    Of course, structural steel beams are used in both traditional, and steel-framed houses construction projects. Let’s see what the applications and the choice of beams will be like.

    Traditional construction houses

    When the choice is made for masonry walls as load-bearing elements, there’s still much use for structural steel beams in the construction of traditional houses.


    Both H-beam and W-beam, or wide flange beam, are used for foundations, giving it extra strength and structural stability, much needed to support the weight of the whole house.

    Basement support

    For hard work in the basement, you’d want something strong. For the basement support, mighty H-piles aka Universal columns would work very well. Another choice is Lally columns, made of square-profile HSS, filled with concrete, improving both the robustness and the fire rating.


    Structural steel beams are excellent for flooring support and work very well as floor girders and floor joists. Steel I-beam is often the choice for joists, due to its lighter weight. For girders, the main supporting structural member of the floor support, a sturdier I-beam, or an H-beam can be used.

    Our steel beams have good machinability, corrosion resistance, and weldability properties.
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    Structural steel-framed houses

    In a structural steel-framed residential building project, it’s steel beams all the way through.

    • Steel columns, which are in fact nothing else but extra-strong H-beams with flanges and web of the same width steel beams
    • Steel beam girders and beams
    • Joists and joist girders are all made of structural steel beams.

    The I-beam is the ruling monarch here, but for beam and joist girders, a sturdier H-beam is often used. Custom steel beams, or built-up beams, deserve an honorary mention here. At Structural Beam, we fabricate and erect custom steel beams to your project’s specific requirements.

    Structural Beam, your supplier of steel beams for residential construction projects in Chicago IL

    Structural Beam is a supplier, manufacturer, fabricator, and erector of structural steel structures. We do supply the fabrication projects you decide to do with us, at wholesale prices, allowing you to reduce your actual project costs and make your residential building construction project more cost-effective. Call us today at 773-917-8998 for all your structural steel beam needs!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What steel beam is generally used in residential construction?

    The Universal Beam or I-beam is the most often used structural steel beam for all types of residential projects, traditional, structural steel-framed houses, and metal prefab buildings. Other steel beams are used too, but steel I-beam is used the most.

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